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Haydee Breaks Free of Beth Moore

Pulpit & Pen received the following testimony from Haydee:

I was raised in the Roman Catholic Church. My mom, a very devout Roman Catholic, made sure we attended mass and catechism and that we confessed and had communion every Sunday morning. After much false religion, the Lord finally saved me. At the age of 22, I came to Christ in a small Baptist church in Longmont, Colorado. Soon after my husband and I bought a house and moved to a different town; we quickly found another Baptist church. Like the first one, it did not have a “women’s ministry” in place. Although the preaching was expository and the pastor spent many hours studying to deliver a sound message every Sunday, I was hungry for more. I wanted to know more about the Bible and about the salvation that God mercifully had given me.

Six years after coming to Longmont, we found ourselves moving once more. This time it was because my husband had a job offer in Germany. We joined a local church and I was quickly invited to the ladies’ bible studies. It was then that I became acquainted with Beth Moore and her followers. In the beginning, I saw nothing wrong with her studies. Given the fact that I had never been discipled, I was thrilled to be in a Beth Moore Bible study. I liked Beth’s transparency and her charismatic personality. I was intrigued by her conversations with God. It seemed she as though she had a direct line with God. I remember wondering, “Why doesn’t God talk to me like that. Is there something I’m doing wrong, a sin I must confess? Should I be listening more, doing more?”

After doing more of her studies I began to grow weary of her lengthy commentaries and her giving the answers to her own questions. Not soon after, I became acquainted with Kay Arthur’s Precept Ministries. Through Precept, I received training in how to study the Bible using the Inductive Study Method. I learned many precious truths and sound doctrine as I made my way through Kay Arthur’s Bible studies. While Beth’s “studies” were a mile long and an inch deep, Kay’s were designed to get the reader into the Word and make her dig for endless treasures in God’s rich and profound revelation.

During my time in German, I found there to be two camps in the women’s ministry arena: the Beth Moore camp and the Inductive Bible Study by Precept Ministries camp. I found that there were women who would only participate in studies written by Beth Moore. These women complained that Precept studies were too difficult to do, too long, or too dry. Women in the Precept Ministries camp protested that Beth Moore studies were too wordy and simplistic and that Beth “filled in” information that God had chosen not to reveal in Scripture.

Several years after my experience with the two camps in Germany, I found myself in a group of ladies wanting to do a summer Bible study. What we all agreed to do was Believing God by Beth Moore. I saw no harm in doing the study but a good friend of mine whom I admire for her solid walk with the Lord and commitment to His word refused to join the study. She was the first person who told me that Beth Moore is a false teacher. She sent me a link to a critical article about Beth and I read it. I chose to do the study anyway. During one of her videos Beth Moore included a group of Roman Catholic ladies as a part of the Body of Christ. She claimed that the Lord showed her in a vision how He sees His church. The Roman Catholics were included.

Red flags and fire alarms went off in my head! The Roman Catholic Church is the biggest organized cult and false religion that there is. I should know, I grew up in it. The Roman Catholic Church is what the Lord, graciously, plucked me out of. The Roman Catholic Church preaches a false gospel and Beth Moore declared that a group of practicing Roman Catholic ladies were her study are sisters in Christ! I went home from the Beth Moore study mortified and worried. I managed to finish the study but never did do another one.

Sometime later, the Lord saved our son, Giovanni. After coming to Christ, he did a lot of reading on false teachers and watched the Strange Fire conference by John MacArthur.  My son relayed to me how Beth Moore loves to spiritualize the biblical accounts she teaches from and how she practices eisegesis rather than exegesis. After resisting my son’s criticisms for a while, I finally began doing my own research and found out the claims my friend and my son had been making were absolutely and positively true. I have read article after article on how far Beth Moore is from teaching the Bible correctly. I’ve listened to Chris Rosebrough explain how Beth mangles the biblical text. Recently, I watched her refer to discerning people that have criticized her mishandling of God’s Word as “scoffers”. By doing this she is diverting attention from her false teaching and casting doubt upon those who have chosen to expose her for who she is: a promoter of extra biblical revelation who parades herself with well known false teachers such as Joyce Meyer.

I’m forever grateful to God for His patience toward me. It took several things for me to walk away entirely from Beth Moore’s spell. I’m no longer in her camp or one of her faithful followers. By God’s grace, I have broken free from Beth Moore. My prayer is that whoever reads this will be able to do the same.

[Edited by Seth Dunn]

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Seth Dunn

Masters of Divinity in Christian Apologetics, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Member of the Evangelical Theological Society Certified Public Accountant