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Word of Faith Church Expels Demons From Man by Nearly Killing Him

One of the prevailing heresies growing in the modern visible church is the Word of Faith movement. It is a movement that grew out of the charismatic sect of Pentecostalism and teaches that Apostolic sign gifts of the early church, such as tongues, prophecy, and healings, have not ceased. One of the practices in this movement is the exorcism of demons.

At a Word of Faith church in Spindale, North Carolina, a homosexual man had his demons expelled by 30 members of his congregation. He was actually beaten and assaulted by these people. According to an article in the Daily Mail one member of the church testified in court that the man was slapped, beaten, and choked for nearly two hours by the members of this crazed cult.

The article reports,

As part of an ongoing, two-year investigation into abuse of Word of Faith Fellowship congregants by church leaders, The Associated Press interviewed four former church members who say they witnessed Fenner being attacked.

Based on interviews with 43 former members, documents and secretly made recordings, it was reported in February that Word of Faith Fellowship congregants were regularly punched, smacked, choked, slammed to the floor or thrown through walls in a violent form of deliverance meant to ‘purify’ sinners by beating out devils.

The church’s website is here, where the home page doesn’t feature information about the church’s location, a statement of faith, or any of the expected information from a church’s website, but features a series videos defending its questionable actions over the years and calling out a former member of the church who has broken away from the cult and has been dedicated to exposing them for their actions.

This is the fruit of the false doctrine and false gospel of the Word of Faith church.

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