Paul Washer's Message to Those Who "Love Jesus but Hate the Church"

Paul Washer’s Message to Those Who “Love Jesus but Hate the Church”

The world has seen a recent rise in the false doctrine of Sectarian Minimalism, a doctrine teaching that attacks the Local Church, either by neglecting it or by outright assaulting it. This doctrine has been put forward by Frank Viola and George Barna in their book, Pagan Christianity, as well as many within the radical wing of Abolish Human Abortion (AHA). It is also put forward by many self-proclaimed evangelicals who claim that they, “Hate the Church but love Jesus.” Many will quote Jefferson Bethke’s famous monologue in which he claimed he hates religion but loves Jesus (Confusing the very definition of “Religion”). It is very common for people who hold to Sectarian Minimalism to embrace a form of it called “Christian Nomadism“, which consists of people living entirely apart from any assembly or Church body.

When discussing such views of the Church with Todd Friel, Paul Washer had some strong words to say about those who adhere to Sectarian Minimalism and practice Christian Nomadism.

[Contributed by Brandon Hines]

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