Abolish Human Abortion and the Heresy of Christian Nomadism

One of the heresies plaguing professing Christianity in these days is Christian Nomadism. It is a form of Christianity that rejects the local church and consists mainly of self-described traveling “apostles,” if you will, who spend little to no time in organized fellowship, teaching, and edification through a local body, and almost exclusively travel around from place to place for the sole purpose of protesting the institutionalized Church.

One of the most prominent and visible group of Christian nomads today is known as Abolish Human Abortion (AHA). AHA has grown into an enormous organized movement of nomads regularly traveling from state to state to protest biblical churches and call them to “repent” of their perceived sin of “abortion apathy.” The movement is decidedly cultish in nature and its adherents are known to place the cause of stopping abortion above the gospel.

Not only is AHA hostile to the local church, they are also emphatically against any form of organized gatherings for any other purpose than to fight abortion. Most recently, a band of AHA members showed up at the Shepherd’s Conference at John MacArthur’s church in California. Broadcasting live from the event was Toby Harmon, one of the figureheads of the movement, stating that one of the objections that AHA gets is “why don’t you go to the leadership of the local churches first before you go to the local church to distribute information?” He then proclaims that they are at the Shepherds conference to confront 5000 pastors and leaders at once.

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Except AHA doesn’t consider the pastors and leaders at the Shepherds Conference to be actual biblical pastors and leaders. They hold an absolute disdain for the “5000 or so” pastors and leaders at the conference. Another figurehead of the AHA movement, who was formerly an author at Pulpit & Pen before he apostatized into the movement, is Alan Maricle. He had this to say of the people attending the conference:

So as you can see, this only further invalidates their false propaganda and their stated purpose of “exhorting” their “brothers and sisters.”

The following is an excerpt from an article, 13 Symptoms of Christian Nomadism, originally by Tony Miano and adapted for this purpose. If you are guilty of more than just a few of these, you are probably a nomad.

Symptom 01: You claim to need no teachers to help you understand the Bible.

Symptom 02: You misinterpret Old Testament prophecies about Israel’s harlotry and apply them to all structured Christian churches.

Symptom 03: You believe God has called or gifted you to separate the tares from the wheat, contrary to Jesus’ own words (Matt 13:28-29).

Symptom 04: You make claims like, “I love the Body but I hate the Church” to justify separating from what you claim to love.

Symptom 05: If asked by a Christian where you go to church, you get defensive and make a speech about bad churches.

Symptom 06: You piously assert you answer to no one but God, ignoring what Bible says regarding submitting to godly church leadership.

Symptom 07: You are a Pelagian.

Symptom 08: You believe you have reached the point of completed sanctification, and you’re proud to let others know it.

Symptom 09: You fervently study Scripture, but you do it like the Pharisees of old (John 5:39).

Symptom 10: You are part of a group where the leader decided himself that he met the biblical qualifications for leadership.

Symptom 11: You add obedience to Christ and a militant form of social justice activism to your soteriology.

Symptom 12: You place the cause above the cross and you deny or minimize the imputed righteousness of Christ.

Symptom 13: You’ve read the other 12 symptoms, you know some apply to you, you’re not in a church, and you really don’t care.

[Contributed by Pulpit & Pen]

* I will be adding periodic updates to this as time permits to give examples of AHA people who fit these descriptions. But for starters, here’s one that fits symptom number 11:

** Here in this podcast, at about the 1hr 11min mark, you can hear Russell Hunter and Bill Evans deny the valid existence of the organized local church while disparaging those who participate in the institutionalized church.



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