Paul Washer Rejects, Rebukes AHA

As AHA provocateurs fomented rascality and roguery outside the G3 Conference, they summoned itinerant preacher Paul Washer to hear their propagandic pitch.
It did not go well. Washer was aware of AHA, and wasn’t falling for their anti-church antics.
As the protesters marched back onto convention center property, from which they had already been removed for trespassing, they brought Washer pamphlets and attempted to garner his support.
Amidst the outlandish and typical claim that AHA is “not an organization” (they hold 501(c)3s, have bylaws, online retail stores, organize protests and have matching t-shirts), Washer asked if they were the group that was attacking local churches. The female incendiary responded to the negative, that they are not attacking churches, but “exhorting our brethren to love and good works.”
The Shocking Youth Message preacher wasn’t having it.
Washer asked if they had elders, and the female AHA member ignored the question. Then the man to Washer’s left began by saying that he is a member of the local church, he claimed that he was once an elder but that he was currently looking for a church (in other words, no, he is not a member of a local church). Washer seems to have noticed the contradiction.
Washer then goes on to point out that their organization had used his name in their material without his permission. Oddly, the man then asked for a photo and Washer said, “If somebody’s got a camera, don’t take my picture and then say I’m with you guys.” 
The female continued to repeat the absurdity that AHA is not an organization, and attempted to put words in Washer’s mouth, “We’re not an organization, so we can’t say you’re with us,” interrupting him as he spoke of AHA “attacking and destroying churches.” Washer reiterates that someone in the organization was using his name, and he had to call them and tell them to stop.
The AHA members then went on to explain that all of Washer’s concerns were chocked up to strawmen and second-party gossip.

Yeah. Not so much.

Washer warned them again, before it was over, not to take pictures of him and imply he supported anything they were doing.
You can watch the video below (as long as it’s not deleted).

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