Establishing A Better Covenant By The Better Melchizedek

This is possibly the most important sermon that I have ever given and you have ever heard.

  1. What gave Jesus the right to take over the established religion?
  2. How could He do something that had never been seen or done before? Or had it?
  3. What did Jesus do with the Old Covenant?
  4. What is our relationship today to the Law of the Old Testament?
  5. What is the Order of Melchizedek?
  6. What Did Christ really do on the Cross, in the temple, and in Heaven?
  7. Is Christ the Highpriest in the line of Levi, and if not then How can He be our High priest?

This introduces a short series on Christ and Christian Ethics as we come to understand Who Christ is, what He did for us, what is the nature of the Old and New Covenants, and most importantly how Christians are to live their lives to the glory of God in light of the New Covenant.

Please listen and share this important study and be a Berean study each passage that I give to you, to see if what I am teaching is accurate.

[Sermon by Pastor Justin Pierce]

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