Presuppositions about the Predestined Passion of Jesus Christ

A Presupposition is: A thought implied beforehand at the beginning of a line of argument or course of action. To put it in terms that everyone can really chew on. A presupposition is something we believe before we start.

Every person who has ever lived has had presuppositions about everything that we can know or think about.

  • Our presuppositions are the world view with which we View everything.
  • It is how we see everything of existence and how we see everything in the logical cognitive world.
  • By that I mean everything that you can think of in your mind.
  • It is all driven by the nature of a worldview that comes from our own sinful hearts.
  • While our Presuppositions are certainly influenced by what we have been taught or learned from other people about any subject.
  • It is also informed spiritually.