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The Supreme Court Does the Pro-Life Movement a Favor

(Pictured above: The Planned Parenthood mega-center in Houston, TX, incidentally located just a short distance from Joel Osteen’s Six Flags Over Jesus.)

The well-heeled professionals who lead the pro-life movement know what’s coming. This is how the game works: the pro-life leaders shamelessly raise money to “fight abortion” from the pew-sitting hoi polloi, then they use some of that money, (after making sure their yearly conferences, posh mutual-back-patting sessions in fancy hotels, and beer-soaked after-parties are funded), to lobby self-absorbed God-hating politicians who will listen to whoever’s dollar bills yell loudest. Those politicians then (occasionally) pass laws designed to make sure that mothers who murder their children can be taken more easily to a nearby hospital if the hit man’s knife slips. The pro-life leaders trumpet their victory. Church people donate more money. The pro-aborts grow bolder and richer while abandoning their junky old “clinics” in favor of fully modern, glitzy compounds whose entrances are (by design) that much farther from the public right-of-way. They comply with all relevant legal regulations, and all in all are a much less intimidating and forbidding presence in the community–and to the murderous mothers who feel the need to rip their child’s face off.

Then months later, a federal court or even SCOTUS strikes down the law, which allows the pro-life leaders to kick off yet another round of pleas for donations, but maybe this time with the tagline “EMERGENCY!!! Supreme Court strikes down Texas law! Give today to turn back the tide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Rinse and repeat.

A major plank of the hypocrisy of the pro-life movement is this: They say with their mouth that their goal is to abolish abortion entirely. They say they want to get there gradually. Sometimes they even show their hand to a surprising extent, saying things like “The devil got our country to this point by baby steps. We have to roll it back the same way”, (because as we all know, the Bible teaches that imitating the devil is a good and wise strategy.) But then their actions deliberately produce the precise opposite result – abolition gets further and further distant. Meanwhile, the consciences of the people of God are falsely assuaged (Jeremiah 8:5-12). The professionals have this under control. They just need another $100. Victory is just around the corner! Just need a couple more conservative SCOTUS judges!

Get real! Victory is not around the corner. We are not winning. Here’s a real and recent example – George W Bush had a relatively conservative SCOTUS and a fully Republican House and Senate. He allowed child sacrifice to expand in this nation. Trust not in princes Supreme Court justices. Your voice is needed.

What is needed is state-wide consensus to abolish child sacrifice entirely, and then for the state government to ignore SCOTUS’ perversion of the Constitution when they strike down abolition.

Here’s the thing, though – the steel in the spine necessary to defy the federal beast won’t come in conjunction with regulation. It will only come when people repent and decide to do the right thing, period, come what may. The federal beast will strike back. They will cut funding. They will possibly send troops to impose the will of the wicked Washington DC elites against the will of the people. Will we back down at that point, or will we stand firm?

I can tell you this – nobody is going to risk that sort of confrontation when that which is in balance is some flimsy Swiss-cheese regulation that mandates that surgical abortuaries have hallways that are three feet wider than they currently are, and which say “you have to go to a place with wide hallways, and then it’s OK to murder your baby“. The spiritual power to look an evil government right in the eye and call them to repent and serve the true King, to trust in God, and then to say “But even if He does not, let it be known to you, O king, that we are not going to serve your gods or worship the golden image that you have set up” (Daniel 3:18), will not come from compromising legislation that tries to use the devil’s methods against him, as if were wiser than the accuser who has been in the business of deceiving wiser and much longer-lived people than we for ~7000 years.

SCOTUS has just given the pro-life movement another opportunity to realise how not only their approach, but also the presuppositions that fuel it, are entirely backward. They trust in politicians while feigning allegiance to Jesus. Here God brings good out of evil by handing them yet another chance to do the right thing and take up abolition. Will they take it? Or will they waste another year and another million dead babies handing out “Pro-Life Leader of the Year” awards to each other?

Now therefore, O kings, show discernment; take warning, O judges of the earth.Worship the LORD with reverence and rejoice with trembling. Do homage to the Son, that He not become angry, and you perish in the way, for His wrath may soon be kindled. How blessed are all who take refuge in Him!
–Psalm 2:10-12

[Contributed by: Alan Maricle]