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Lecrae Joins Secular Artists Begging Government for Gun Bans

The Christian artist artist who happens to be a Christian, Lecrae Devaughn Moore (who self-identifies as simply Lecrae) has joined a litany of other musical artists in asking Congress to remove the Second Amendment right of Citizens to engage in the private trade of firearms and also remove due process from our legal system.
In an open letter to Congress from Billboard editors written on behalf of “leading artists and executives in the music industry,” Lecrae joins signatories such as LGBTQXYZ activists Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Katy Perry, Russell Simmons, “gay anthem” Same Love artist, Macklemore and more. The letter demands background checks for private firearm transfers and demands an end to due process and rule-of-law, requesting that those suspected of terrorism be refused their Second Amendment rights.
Readers might want to be reminded that President Obama’s Homeland Security agency warned law enforcement to be on alert for pickup trucks with anti-abortion bumper stickers because they might be domestic terrorists. Likewise, Hillary Clinton just last month “amen’d” a woman who claimed that gun manufacturers were making ordinary citizens into terrorists.
When bureaucrats get to decide who is and who is not eligible to receive their Constitutional rights without due process or criminal conviction, and based upon mere suspicion, it may seem all is well. That is, at least, until you realize they consider every evangelical, pro-life abolitionist, gun-owning Christian to be a potential terrorist. Something tells me that maybe Lecrae, Lady Gaga and Macklemore haven’t thought it out that deeply yet.
A cursory Google search reveals that Lecrae, who is partnering with Ronnie Floyd and the Pope at Together 2016 and who recently accepted an honorary degree from the same school as Myles Munroe and TD Jakes, has not – as of this date – participated in any similar open letters to Congress asking for laws ending abortion or defunding Planned Parenthood.
Thabiti Anyabwil is not the only evangelical whose worldview is, well…questionable.
The signers of this open letter would do well to remember that neither the murder of Christina Grimmie or the Orlando nightclub massacre would have been prevented by either of the things demanded by them, as neither shooter was currently on a watchlist and both used firearms legally purchased from a dealer (who are required to conduct background checks).
Christians would do well to remember that the cause of murderous behavior is a murderous heart, and not firearms. The solution is not revoking Constitutional liberty without due process. The solution is the Gospel. Maybe Lecrae could sing about that.