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Stetzer Asks SBC to Join Liberal-Progressive Ecumenical Organization

On October 22, 2015 meeting, Ed Stetzer spoke to a group of radical Islamic extremists, being paid to give them Southern Baptist-owned data and explained how they can better reach evangelicals. Yes, that’s right. Stetzer met with radical Islamic extremists and assisted them in brainstorming how to proselytize  evangelicals. The Southern Baptist talking head and former Lifeway executive spoke at the Spreading the Peace convocation, a liberal organization that speaks of Muslims as belonging to the “global church” and RT’s President Obama. The event was co-sponsored by the International Interfaith Peace Corps, a globalist and pro-Muslim organization founded by Bill and Malinda Gates. Speaking with Stetzer was Obama’s faith adviser, Joel Hunter, a radical shiek calling for Shariah Law, Hamsa Yusef, also Sherman Jackson (who was called a “radical Muslim” by Washington Weekly News), a pro-gay Common Word proponent, Rick Love, and Suhaib Webb, who helped headline a fundraiser for an Al Qaida operative and a cop-killer (source link for all the above).
Stetzer, during his tenure as number 2 at SBC-owned Lifeway “Christian” Resources, partnered with a myriad of different problematic characters, from cultists to Word-Faith proponents to prosperity pastrixes. As polemicists have pointed out again and again, Stetzer has repeatedly demonstrated a disdain for anything resembling holy separation, and by repeated use of his catchword, missional , he pretty much means a general lack of discernment and approving acceptance of almost anyone or anything that can help his own financial bottom line or make the institutions for whom he works slightly more likable than Jesus.
Now running the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton College, Stetzer has suggested to his former employer that they partner with a troubling ecumenical organization, the National Association of Evangelicals. Stetzer asked the Executive Committee to “study the ramifications of joining the ecumenical organization, and the committee will now report back to the SBC at the 2017 annual meeting.
The National Association of Evangelicals was formed in 1942, and from the beginning, the SBC refused to join because it has always been wary of ecumenical organizations because of the logical necessity of doctrinal compromise for the sake of unity. As quoted at Baptist News Global, Convention president, Franklin Paschall, said “I don’t think it is a good idea for Baptists to become part of an ecumenical movement, organically or spiritually,” and claimed that a “federated church” was not the solution to modern problems. Southern Baptists have echoed that sentiment repeatedly. However, thanks to progressive Southern Baptists like Ed Stetzer, Ronnie Floyd (who has partnered with charismatic false prophets and the Pope of Rome) and Russell Moore (who partnered the SBC with various Islamic organizations and animal rights organizations as well), we live in an increasingly ecumenical age.
The group that Ed Stetzer is desirous the SBC partner with is the National Association of Evangelicals. This organization has promoted or been apart of leftist agendas like the Evangelical Climate Initiative, Russell Moore-style pro-illegal immigration and anti-law enforcement agendas, the 2011 “Circle of Protection” evangelical opposition to budget cuts (the “What Would Jesus Cut” thing you might recall), the call for Nuclear disarmament, and so on. For example, the NAE member and officer, Joel Hunter, was the pastor who spoke at FBC Orlando’s “Gays are our Chief Cornerstone” LGBT Unity Event and indicated he’d be switching viewpoints on homosexuality in light of the recent club shooting. This is with whom Ed Stetzer desires us to partner.
In spite of historic Southern Baptist resistance to ecumenism, given the trajectory of the SBC in recent years under leadership like Stetzer, Moore and Floyd, we’ve every reason to believe that the SBC will soon link arms with any number of ecumenical movements – especially if there are any racial points to be scored in regards to being more open, diverse and tolerant. Expect to link arms with the NAE soon.