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Qualification For Hillsong Youth Pastors: Be A Hot Model…

We recently brought you the story of Hillsong’s Women’s Colour Conference in New York featuring the Dancing Naked Cowboy. At the time, we didn’t know who was behind the outfit–or should I say, missing outfit? Now it’s recently come to light who is behind the shenanigans.

Meet Diego Simila, a boy-band pop star out of California who was personally called to Hillsong College in Sydney Australia by God. After his graduation, he spent some time modeling in California when … get this … God told him to go to New York City, where he was subsequently picked up by Hillsong, NY. You can’t make this stuff up.

“Let me give you a bit of background of Diego. He was in California. He had a boy band… and actually he was about to make it big and God told him to go to Hillsong Sydney to Bible College. He left it all to pursue God. It was a fork in the road. He knew if he were to take that route it would be selling out his soul in his case and so he went to Hillsong…

Left it all. God’s favour just guided him. Amazing how many relationships out of the gate just happened for him. And then he left there after graduation. Went back to California. Was involved in a local church there and was doing some modelling and he was about to blow it up in the modelling scene and God told him he needed to go to New York City. He didn’t have a job. In fact they didn’t even know he was coming. He lived homeless there for about three weeks and he was just jumping from couch to couch. But he was faithful, and all of a sudden in a short, short time, he winds up being asked, being told to be the Youth Pastor of Hillsong New York City, started in 2010.

Today they are 14,000 people and if you know anything about New York City, planting a church there is crazy it isn’t like the mid-west… (Source)


Well…now we know exactly why Hillsong NY picked up this model. Was it for his solid biblical doctrine? Was it for his faithfulness to God and his people–to feed his sheep? Obviously not.

Featured in the image below is none other than Hillsong NY’s youth pastor, Diego Simila. Below is the conversation on Instagram that gave it away.


For some reason, this just doesn’t sit right with me.

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