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God Told Ronnie Floyd Racism is One of America’s Greatest Sins

Apparently, if you’re not among the anointed few who believe that racism is ultimately going to be the sin that brings God’s final judgment on America, well then, you just aren’t spiritually alert. After all, God clearly told this to Ronnie Floyd, Southern Baptist President. In an article penned at his personal blog, he writes:

While this path is still toward the next Great Awakening, God revealed clearly to me and anyone else that has been spiritually alert in America that one of the greatest sins in our nation today is the sin of racism.

Well there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth…and who can argue with God? Nevermind the blaspheming of the Holy Spirit that he partook in with Mike Bickle and the International House of Prayer (IHOP) last year. Nevermind the prophecy of the “Next Great Awakening” he’s been proclaiming for decades, that has yet to come true. Nevermind the “minor doctrinal issues” between Southern Baptists and IHOP, like, you know, those “secondary matters of life, ministry, and even the bible.” Nevermind the Scripture-twisting and promotion of false teachers he’s done regularly.

“Racism is the sin that’s going bring this nation to its knees,” declares the Lord to Ronnie Floyd!

Floyd will be hosting a “national conversation” with a panel of “racism experts” on the morning of the Southern Baptist Convention in 2016. One of those experts will be a former SBC president, who, get this, actually believed Barack Obama was going bring racial reconciliation to our nation. Floyd, like many in the SBC, have been pushing a theme of “racial reconciliation” for nearly two years now, since the shooting of a black teenager, Michael Brown, by a white cop in Ferguson, Missouri. As the chorus goes, the white police must have been all racist and stuff, because, well, you know, he’s white…and the teenager was black. And it would be absurd to think that a white police officer might only be trying to do his job.

The entire approach to racial reconciliation the SBC has been flawed. The suggestion is that racism in the church needs to be dealt with by “talking things out,” and intentionally mixing interracial groups together in the pews to create dialogue. Of course, it’s whites that misunderstand blacks, and that’s where the dialogue must begin. The helpless, unarmed victims that are being endlessly slaughtered at the hands of white cops, well, you know, they are just victims of society–and we just need to understand them better.

Further, Floyd’s plan has been to merge with other apostate “Christian” groups, like IHOP, and even other religions, to further his agenda. He writes:

When the Ferguson tragedy occurred, God burdened my heart immediately, adjusting my path of understanding. Politicians, corporate leaders, educators, religious leaders, and pastors in America rarely initiate and move forward a positive agenda that leads to racial unity. We should seek to change this.

I’ve written before on how the racial reconciliation movement is anti-gospel. By removing the personal guilt from individuals, like Michael Brown, you remove the need for repentance. This is the same idea behind the recent proclamation by other Southern Baptists that the mothers who decide to carry their unborn children into a murdering facility, and sacrifice their child on the altar of Molech, well, they’re just victims too. Without repentance, there is no salvation.

Of course, however, what the Bible actually teaches is that sin, like racism, abortion, etc., are sin issues, and the answer is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The flawed idea behind racism in the church can’t be exaggerated. You can’t be an unrepentant racist any more than you can be an unrepentant homosexual, an unrepentant murderer, or any other kind of unrepentant sinner, and be a Christian. Further, the church isn’t going to fix racism outside of the church by creating dialogue between individuals of different ethnic groups.

I want to be clear that any racism that does exist, (and it does), is absolutely sinful, and should be addressed–with the Gospel. However, throughout Scripture, we never see racism being the sin that brought a nation to its knees. Repeatedly, we see idolatry, the turning away from God, the worship of false gods, sodomy and child sacrifice being the things that God hates so much he’s willing to strike a nation down. Not Racism.

But since God “clearly revealed” this to him, and to all those who are “spiritually alert,” I guess that makes me spiritually asleep, because, you know, who can argue with God?

…when a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word that the LORD has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously. You need not be afraid of him. – Deut 18:22

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