When Anointings Compete – Rafael Cruz Gets Some Pub From Kenneth Copeland

“I believe with all my heart that (Ted Cruz) is called and anointed to be next President of the United States.” Kenneth Copeland

The people who go to Kenneth and Gloria Copeland’s “church” vote.  They are American citizens who are entitled to governmental representation just as much as anyone else.  Thus, it’s not surprising that the Ted Cruz campaign and its emissaries would  court them for their vote.

After more than a decade of observation, I’ve learned that there’s not much American evangelicals like more than religio-political schemes that promise a return to good ol’ family values by the quick and easy one-off event of an election that will turn the country around. It’s a lot like a Word of Faith positive confession, really – get the right guy in the Presidency and most of our problems will get solved just like that. No muss, no fuss, no need for every-Christian involvement in societal rebuke, no felt obligation to repent individually for one’s own apathy and lack of action building the Kingdom of God. No need to suffer, sacrifice, or cast aside compromise and the fear of man and get out there and preach the Gospel boldly. It’s perfect. It’s hero worship rather than worship and service of God.

Which brings us to sparing a thought for the people who attend services at Kenneth Copeland’s “church”, how they are under the influence of wicked false teachers and engaging in false worship of God. Kenneth and Gloria Copeland are arch-heretics who proclaim numerous scripture-twisting false teachings.  These teachings include the following: Word-Faith Theology, Faith-Healing, Positive Confession, the Prosperity Gospel, and the “Little gods” Doctrine of Man.  To make matters worse, Kenneth Copeland claims that God gave him his own jet so that he could pray in private.  In reality, Kenneth Copeland duped thousands of misguided people into funding his “ministry” so that he could afford his own private jet.  Thus, no Christian, is justified in any kind of partnership or fellowship with Kenneth and Gloria Copeland for any reason.  Recently, self-proclaimed minister Rafael Cruz appeared at a Kenneth Copeland’s “Ministers Conference” to proclaim to the audience that “the cloud of the Holy Spirit descended upon (the) room” when his son Ted announced his decision to run for President of the United States.  He made this announcement standing next to a man who blasphemes God for a living.

The elder Cruz is careful to regale us all with the heroic tale of “seeking the Lord” and His direction for six months before announcing a run for President. Two hours in prayer at Ted Cruz’s pastor’s office followed, and we are told that “the final word” came from Heidi Cruz, Ted’s wife. This word from the Lord was: “Seek My face, not My hand,” and then of course a cloud of the Holy Spirit descended on the office.

Naturally, Ted Cruz responded with “Here am I, Lord. Send me.”

Finally, we see in the video a group of suits laying hands on Rafael Cruz to pray for the Cruz family. Can you imagine the anointing released? Just. . . just so much anointing. Anointing everywhere. One wonders how everyone in the congregation didn’t collapse into an immediate and hours-long Spirit-slain stupor.

The video above should be disturbing to any Christian considering the political climate of the United States.  The man offering the prayer gives what can only be described as either a prophetic future word or just plain wishful thinking (and hey, is that Jim Bakker in the background?). It’s all totally predictable. There’s a new birth for America. We are seeing an awakening, a sweep of the Spirit of God from coast to coast. We are being swept up in the glory of God over this nation. Things that were lost are being restored. The new birth is taking place right before our eyes. Blah blah blah Jesus Holy Spirit dominion whostollamyhonda blah. Shondai.

My favorite parts, though, were: “We will accept our duty and responsibility”.
Doubtless he means that we will all vote for Ted Cruz and continue to show up on Sunday mornings to Copeland’s religious services he provides.

“We see Congress praying and seeking God.”
Please allow me to just state the obvious and say: We’re not seeing anything of the kind. Even the “best” members of Congress are utter sellouts.

“(We see) prayer and Bible coming back into schools.”
Is that what real revival would look like? Tossing some Bible and prayers on top of the grossly secular and blasphemous curriculum that makes up the warp and woof of the guvmint skule system? That’s God’s favor sweeping across our nation?

Overall, though, you gotta hand it to the Cruz family. They’re doing their best to cover their heresy bases. First Glenn Beck and the Mormons. Now Kenneth Copeland and the Word of Faith-ers. Too bad Rubio probably has the papist vote nailed down, or that would probably be the next stop.

Crazy, though, that Copeland tells us that Cruz has God’s anointing, but we’ve been told by equally (un)trustworthy sources recently that Trump has it and that Hillary Clinton has it. God really needs to get His act together and figure out who He’s going to vote for!

At any rate, Ted Cruz, the most viable Christian conservative candidate for the Presidency of the United States, is clearly associated with people making claims of his anointing that are dubious at best.  The Pulpit & Pen has documented Cruz’s questionable political associations with the New Apostolic Reformation in numerous posts.  Now that Kenneth Copeland has laid hands on Cruz’s father, things appear to have gone from bad to worse.

[A collaborative effort of Seth Dunn and Alan Maricle]

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