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Kirk Cameron, James MacDonald, David Jeremiah Support Carson’s Christian Creds

Seventh Day Adventist, Ben Carson, has launched his appeal to evangelical voters in Iowa through his Revive714 events. According to the website for Revive714, it is a “prayer worshiping experience aimed at sparking our passion for prayer,” quoting the oft-cited verse 2 Chronicles 7:14 for its biblical motivation.

Keep in mind, this is (1) a campaign event designed to “rally Christian voters to his cause” (2) a “prayer worshiping experience” (3) and is hosted by one belonging to a cult that stems from a false prophecy that Jesus would return in 1844 (hence the term, Adventist),  by one who doesn’t believe in hell and whose church teaches a salvation by a post-death investigation into deeds and works.

One would think that the simple fact Carson – who no doubt talks like an evangelical – belongs to a cult would be enough to keep evangelical celebrities away from his faith-related events, lest they compromise the gospel in the process by insinuating that he was a fellow Christian. If those facts won’t do it, perhaps Carson’s advocacy for the abortion pill, his not being sure when life begins (source link), and his lecturing of pro-life advocates to “tone down their rhetoric” would do it.

But, no. Proving that evangelicalism has gone beyond a warm embrace of ecumenism to fully-blown syncretism, the list of speakers at Revive14 bear witness that the Downgrade has made cultism indistinguishable from Christianity.

List of speakers include Kirk Cameron, James MacDonald, David Jeremiah and performances by Casting Crowns (source link).

David Jeremiah must have forgotten that he has already laid hands on Donald Trump and anointed him for the job of President (source link). It seems Jeremiah might be regretting his anointing and prophecy over The Donald. Either that, or perhaps Jeremiah has taken up Balaam’s error, working for anyone with the airline miles to fly and dough to pay.

[Contributed by JD Hall]