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ERLC Continues to Be Rosary-Friendly

In what appears to be a never-ending tip-of-the-hat to Romanism, the Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) continues to embrace the practices of the Roman Catholic Church. At the beginning of the year, ERLC head, Russell Moore, stated that he “didn’t want to see any fewer rosary beads” at the March for Life, an ecumenical anti-abortion gathering. And apparently he likes to see them so much, that he has allowed his colleague, Christina Fox, to post an article on the ERLC’s website featuring a rosary.

Rosary image featured on ERLC article
Rosary image featured on ERLC article

The Roman Catholic Rosary is a repetitive, worshipful chant to Mary, that includes the use of a string of beads and a cross, a crucifix or a medallion with an image of Mary on it. According to, a website dedicated to the Marian idolatry, there are fifteen promises that “Mary” made to those who recite the Rosary, including grace, God’s mercy, protection from Hell, and deliverance from Purgatory. This demonic entity has even gone as far as to usurp the Role of Jesus by saying “you shall obtain all you ask of me by the recitation of the Rosary.” This is precisely what Jesus said in John 14:13, “Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”

We thought, "That is a rosary. No doubt to anyone who knows what a rosary us. But, we reverse image-searched the photo and...sure enough.
We thought, “That is a rosary. No doubt to anyone who knows what a rosary is. But, we reverse image-searched the photo and…sure enough.

The Rosary is also used in other special “prayers,” usually to Mary, but the practice of bead-prayer can be traced back to the ancient Buddhists and Tibetan prayers to their false gods. This practice, historically, has always been rejected by the Protestant Church–until recently.

Christina Fox, who writes for a number of Christian ministries and publications including Desiring God and The Gospel Coalition, and the author of A Heart Set Free: A Journey Through the Psalms of Lament, is the author of the article posted on the ERLC’s website. I’m very aware that Fox, herself, may not have chosen the image for the article, therefore, I will stop short of saying that Christina Fox is the problem here. In fact, while very shallow in nature, the article itself doesn’t seem to pose any problem. However, the ERLC, the same gang that allows Charles Spurgeon’s name to be dragged through the mud, has no problem posting an article using an idolatrous Pagan symbol as their featured image, and to be portrayed in a positive light.

Is there any oversight at the ERLC? Do the editors at the ERLC not know that the Rosary is practice hated by God (Matthew 6:7)? Does Russell Moore not know? Why would the ERLC allow an image like this to be used on the website of the most influential organization in evangelicalism? They must know this, yet they continue to allow this to go on anyways. If Southern Baptists don’t wake up soon, you’re all going to wake up one morning finding yourself more aligned with Rome than you first thought.

Who cares? Isn’t this a small deal? The ERLC posted a picture of a guy holding a rosary, probably inadvertently. Well, we don’t think the ERLC, funded by millions upon millions of Southern Baptist dollars, isn’t fully cognizant of what their well-paid and well-staffed media arm is doing. And watching the progressive slide of the ERLC toward ecumenist social justice, such subtle signals are doubtfully accidental.

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