Who cares if Obama offends the pope?

If you’re not already aware, the antichrist is visiting the USA this week. He will be visiting Philidelphia September 26-27 for the World Meeting of Families, an interfaith gathering led by the Roman Catholic Church that seeks to promote traditional family values in today’s culture.

Thus far, with the exception of closet-Catholic, Rick Warren, Southern Baptists have refrained from (at least publicly admitting) that they are going to the event. However, President Obama plans to be there, and he will be there with flying colors–literally.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Obama’s guests include transgender activists, the first openly gay Episcopal bishop and a nun who criticizes church policies on abortion and euthanasia. And oddly enough, the Vatican objects because they are worried that any photographs of these dissenters may be seen as an endorsement of them by the Vatican. (Sound Familiar?)

And oddly enough–or not–prominent evangelicals care, and are even defending the Vatican. Two prominent Southern Baptist Leaders, Ed Stetzer, Executive Director of Lifeway Research, and Russell Moore, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission both tweeted messages in support of the Vatican’s opposition to Obama’s guests.



Dr. Moore posts an article by the Wall Street Journal that says “The White House is more afraid of offending China’s president than the pope.” Then Stetzer tweets “Pres. @BarackObama, it’s hard to tell people you are not hostile to traditional faiths when you do things like this.”

My follow-up question to Moore would be, “who cares?”

First of all, this is no defense of Obama at all, I think he’s the worst president ever. But do these men not realize that there is a far greater, far more deceptive visitor coming to Philadelphia–the pope himself? Why do they care if the pope is offended by our president’s homosexual guests? I’m offended by the antichrist pope’s visit to my country. Isn’t that what we should be more concerned about?

But this isn’t the first time our SBC leaders have cozied up to the unholy father. Last year, Rick Warren and Russell Moore went to visit him at the Vatican for a very similar conference. During their visit, there was no call for the leader of counterfeit Christianity to repent of his sins, and turn to Christ. There was only a “melging” of religiosity with a pragmatic view of winning a culture war at all costs–including the expense of the gospel. Further, Stetzer will be speaking at a Christ-hating Muslim-interfaith gathering in October to further a cultural cause.

So do we really care that the pope is offended by Obama’s homosexual and transgender guests?

I don’t.

I’m more concerned that we aren’t offending the pope with the message of the cross. Are these men worried about losing their friendship with the pope?

Have I then become your enemy by telling you the truth? – Galatians 4:16






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2 Responses

  1. Darrel says:

    This meeting of satan and satan should not bother a real Christian at all. What else would you expect? They are brothers in the fight against Christ—-a fight they will not win. As far as Obama insulting him, he is actually honoring him and his life long pursuit of the queer agenda and the pope’s fetish for children. If people really knew what went on behind closed doors in the Vatican they would have burned it down centuries ago. This man is a queer-affirming pedophile and is being honored as such by his “brother in arms”.
    The real question that should be asked by every person who claims to love the Lord Jesus is why do I continue to affiliate with, monetarily support, and otherwise encourage the likes of Warren, Moore, Stetzer, and every other sbc “leader” who refuses to call a spade a spade and separate themselves from such men? Could it be peer pressure, a pay check, status in your “church” or a host of other meaningless “reasons” for not breaking away? 2Cor. 6:11-18 has been redacted from the brains of those who should know better as they continue to make excuse after excuse for any continued involvement in an organization infested with the enemy. The evidence is there, right in front of your face, but it has been ignored. Obama and the pope are chump-change when it comes to your own soul.

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