Baptizing children into a false hope, out of Sherwood, AR, is running a campaign to sign people up for baptism. They put out a series of YouTube videos, many featuring children who give a brief testimony to why they wanted to be baptized. A recent video features a kid named Jack, who gives a telling story of the purpose of baptism, according to

Take a Look:

Cute, huh? No, really. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be baptized after watching that? That’s the problem. This church has possibly done more damage to this kid than they could ever realize. First of all, he says:

I wanted to be baptized because I wanted to show other people that I had Jesus into my heart.

What does that mean? Does he even understand the Gospel at all? Having “Jesus into your heart,” is not the Gospel. There is no indication that Jack understands his fallen nature, his sin, and his absolute need for forgiveness. Neither does he attest to any form of repentance¬†or turning from his sin to Jesus.

If you didn’t have Jesus into your heart, you wouldn’t get to go to Heaven. . . The best part of having Jesus into my heart is going to heaven with my family and my friends. . . where there’s happiness.

So, getting to go to Heaven is his “reward” for asking Jesus into his heart. It’s not his desire to forsake sin, and to trust and follow his savior. It’s also disturbing that he has no idea what the glory of Heaven really is. But sadly, this kid now thinks he is saved because he has “asked Jesus into his heart” and has been baptized. He will probably be turned off to any presentation of the true Gospel at a later age due to this indoctrination of false Gospel by

I would invite you to take a look at’s YouTube channel, where they appear to be a factory of false converts.



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