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ThatChurch.com Baptizing children into a false hope

ThatChurch.com, out of Sherwood, AR, is running a campaign to sign people up for baptism. They put out a series of YouTube videos, many featuring children who give a brief testimony to why they wanted to be baptized. A recent video features a kid named Jack, who gives a telling story of the purpose of baptism, according to ThatChurch.com.

Five Marks of a False Convert

Being a Christian is by far the greatest blessing one could receive. Who can reject the glory of God, and the awesome love and forgiveness that Jesus has to offer? Yet, sadly, there are...

The "Carnal Christian" and Reality

  I often hear “Christians” say “God just wants us to enjoy life,” or “Christians don’t have to be so up tight all the time.”  Not incidentally, this often comes from those who regularly...