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Russell Moore Exploiting Walter Scott for his Agenda

As we all know, Russell Moore and the ERLC have had an agenda for the last year of pushing ‘racial justice,’ and using the Church, especially the Southern Baptist church as a pedestal for promotion if this cause. What better timing is there for a tragic incident such as the murder of Walter Scott, an unarmed black man fleeing from a white police officer in North Charleston, SC, to occur than now?

Let me be clear, this is an awful incident, and the video proves it to be a ruthless murder without cause. This is perhaps even a real case of actual racism, I don’t know. I cannot judge the police officer’s heart, but his actions were clearly wrong, and he deserves to pay the penalty for his crimes. However, this is an isolated case, and does not represent a systemic problem within our nation’s police forces. There are always going to be those who abuse their power, both black and white, and any officer who abuses their power should be dealt with appropriately. Any act of misconduct by an officer should be thoroughly investigated by an outside authority, and corrective actions should not be taken lightly. I also want to go on the record to say that I’m not convicting anyone until the court has made it’s final decision. I am just stating the facts as they appear to be.

This being said, you can count on Russell Moore and Co. to exploit this tragedy to further his personal socialist cause of racial justice. In a statement to Christianity today, he says:

The killing of Walter Scott is horrific. In this case, the country has viewed this awful act with our own eyes. Given the past year, we needed no reminders that racial justice and reconciliation are needed desperately in our communities. Even so, we have received another such reminder, at the awful cost of another human life.

First of all, we don’t know for sure that this incident was racially motivated. I will admit, it does appear that way, and very well may be. But to exploit this incident to stir up more support for ‘racial justice’ is simply mind boggling. This case is nothing like the previous cases that Moore is referring to, in which there is actual evidence to support the police officer’s story, as well as no evidence for racial motivation. But Russell Moore is basically coming out and using this isolated case to say “hey, see, I told you so, there’s too many racist cops.” But this is simply dishonest to do so, and disrespectful to the victim, Walter Scott, and his family.

I find it funny that Russell Moore recently published an article complaining that Rolling Stone printed serious criminal accusations against a campus group that turned out to false, yet the people involved still have their job at the magazine company. I don’t see him standing up against the false criminal accusations that Thabiti Anyabwile and his other ERLC pals made against the officer that shot Michael Brown in self defense as decided by a grand jury. Russell Moore constantly advocated that the shooting of Brown was unjust, unfair, and racially motivated, and has never retracted this, yet he still holds his job. This is okay though, since this fits within his narrative of white on black racial injustice, and his socialist solution of removing personal responsibility and placing the responsibility of criminal activity on the backs of law abiding citizens.

What we don’t see is Russell Moore addressing the real issue in this perceived environment of racism, and injustice towards blacks. He wants us to think the reason there is a disproportionate amount of arrests among blacks is because blacks are targeted by racist white cops. But the real issue is fatherlessness, drug and gang culture and a lack of self responsibility that runs rampant in the black community. The only solution to this sin problem is the Gospel, and while Moore runs around promoting the Gospel as the solution, by paying close attention, you can see where he really stands. To him, the problem sin isn’t the aforementioned things, it’s racism. And while it’s true that there is some racism in America, and, yes, the Gospel is the solution to racism, his unwillingness to address the sin issues within the black community amounts to nothing more than pandering to a democrat base in which he is trying to unite politically with conservative church-goers.

Russell Moore can’t come out and admit that he was wrong, he’s in too deep at this point. So this latest tragedy gives him the boost he needs to draw in more support from emotional, unlearned onlookers, and those who share in his ideology. The more support he gains from church leaders, no matter how radical they are, the more credible he looks, and the stronger he grows, and the easier it becomes to transform the Church into what he wants it to be. A platform to transform the United States into a Communitarian socio-economic system, one in which he himself would be exempt from.

Look for more commentary from Moore in the coming days. I predict he will be playing his cards very well, and very carefully in this matter.