Joint Statement of Unity and Forgiveness: Joel McDurmon and Jordan D. Hall

With thankfulness we announce that we have spoken as brethren dwelling together in unity and have reached a mutual accord regarding our current dispute. We regret that the spirit and tone of the current discord we have caused has been unworthy of the body of Christ. We seek above all to restore His glory in our relations and to demonstrate the purity and peace of His church.

Toward this end, we first offer mutual apologies. Joel takes responsibility for certain misunderstandings regarding transmission of audio files to Jordan, and for this he sincerely apologizes. Jordan apologizes for allowing the dispute to be made public and for certain unnecessary tweets and posts regarding Joel. Accordingly, we agree to remove all offending posts, tweets, and articles from our respective websites as far as reasonably possible, and consider each other’s faults washed as white as snow.

As men, we admit our fallibility. As Christians, we seek to demonstrate the spirit of forgiveness which Christ showed to us, and commanded us to show to one another. As leaders of Christian ministries, we seek to exemplify the love and manliness He demonstrated for us.

A primary concern of us both from day one was to ensure that our debate will be available in full and without substantial or unfair editing. We both affirm this goal without hesitance or reservation, and have agreed that American Vision will meet this goal with video and audio products in a matter of days. Jordan has acquired certain rights to the audio as an assurance of this goal.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who support us and share in our ministries. We hope you will join us in this statement by also demonstrating forgiveness and reconciliation to those who, in the midst of this brief furor, you have offended unnecessarily. Remove those posts, delete those tweets, make that needed apology, and in doing so, demonstrate the greatness of our God and Savior Jesus Christ.

In His Service,

Joel McDurmon
American Vision, Inc.

Jordan D. Hall
Pulpit & Pen
Reformation Montana

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