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Shocking Footage: Rick Warren Embraces Roman Catholicism

Rick Warren – who the last time we checked was a Southern Baptist (and a keynote speaker for the 2014 Southern Baptist Convention) – did this truly astounding promotional video for the Vatican, discussing what Protestants and the Roman Catholic Church had in common and how we could participate in shared causes. The original video was posted by the Catholic News Service.

What Protestants and Catholics have in common, according to Warren, is that we both believe in the Trinity, both are Bible-believers, and both believe that salvation comes through Jesus. Warren then dismisses Mary-worship as “not exactly” Catholic doctrine and says regarding prayers to Saints “there’s a lot more commonality” when “you understand what they mean by what they’re saying.”

Warren recently called the Pope “Holy Father” while at the Vatican, if you recall. Warren previously endorsed the Roman Catholic Church’s “evangelism” outreach campaign, Catholics Come Home. This promo, however, is beyond the pale.


JD discusses this on Friday’s episode of the Pulpit & Pen Program.