SBC Pastor Says Those Who Want Deeper Doctrine Are “Excrement of the Church”

In a sermon seemingly designed to defend their strip-mined ecclesiology and rebuke whatever number of actual disciples who might be left in the audience of 8 thousand people, David Hughes – pastor of the Southern Baptist, Church by the Glades – calls those in his church who desire to be taught doctrine “the excrement of the body of Christ.”

A link would be posted, but their website is currently down. Interestingly, it wasn’t down earlier when Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith reviewed his “sermon” here. We would encourage everyone to listen to that link.

Hughes takes from the material of seeker-friendly master, Ed Young, as he pulls out a table with one seat called the “I Chair” (like “high chair,” get it?).

By the way, Church by the Glades is the 24th largest Southern Baptist church in the SBC. Add this to the other “Sheep-Beating Incidents” we’ve seen come out of these types of churches, as pastors rebel against their calling to equip the Saints for ministry and build a coalition with the carnal Christians against those disciples who desire – *gasp!* – to be taught the Word of God in a serious way.

JD will discuss this on Thursday’s program.

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