The Pen

Strip Church

In today’s episode of the Pulpit and Pen, JD is discussing a spin-off of XXX Church, called Strip Church. A group affiliated with Strip Church, called Dakota Pearls visits a strip club JD has also evangelized (from the parking lot) in nearby Williston, North Dakota. He compares their two methodologies. Dakota Pearls is not about “slinging Bibles” according to the founder. Neither is it about judging (yes it is, or wouldn’t have a ministry devoted to “reaching” them). Instead, the volunteers give them gifts and trinkets because “it demonstrates [their] love.”

Interestingly, God demonstrates his love for us in this, that while we were yet still sinners, Christ died for the ungodly (Romans 5:8). This is a love that people need to hear about, whether by “slinging Bibles” or by an explicit verbal proclamation. Strip Church and Dakota Pearls do neither.

No doubt, the vast majority of the women involved in this ministry mean very well. This is not the explicitly Gospel-centered approach that should be taken. Strippers’ primary need is not to know their value, but to know Jesus. As lovely as personal relationships forged through gift bags may be, sinners are not brought to repentance except by the Word of God – something that neither organization “slings.”

Listen here.