Dever and Driscoll: A Foreboding Harbinger of Mars Hill’s Collapse

In the last 48 hours or so, a clip from The Gospel Coalition of Mark Dever taking on Strange Fire crashers James McDonald and Mark Driscoll has been making its way around social media. And then, the clip disappeared from from The Gospel Coalition website. Regardless of TGC saying, “This Video Does Not Exist,” the clip has been uploaded to the P&P. Regardless of TGC’s well-wishing for the memory-hole, the clip very much exists.


JD has reviewed this clip and its eery premonitions on Wednesday’s program (already recorded, on account of him out hunting this week). We hope you’ll listen in to see if Mars Hill’s collapse could have been predicted in the departure of Mark Driscoll.

One wonders why TGC would Canerize the video.