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Take The Lifeway Quiz! Match The Plot To The Cover, Amish Christian Romance Style!

A few weeks ago the always affable Fred Butler made the following string of comments on Twitter:



He then went on to assert:


and followed up his claim with this little revelation:


Two thoughts ran through my head at that point: “I wonder if that’s true….?” and “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!”

I went to our go-to Christian bookstore to see what I could find. Seeing as how our friends at Lifeway are committed to providing the SBC and the greater Christian Church at large “Biblical resources for life”, would neverever offer us resources with bad theology, and would never promote books that romanticizes and legitimizes the the Amish way of life as a healthy, doctrinal sound, and gospel-centered way of life to be yearned for and considered,  these books were super easy to find and were promoted as a major niche were difficult to locate.

Nontheless, I thought it would be fun to give everyone a quiz to see if they are as perceptive as Fred is, and to see how well they know their, to quote one famous street preacher, “outlets for adultery of the heart for professing Christian Women” By matching the cover to the plot.

You can find the quiz Here.

Once done, come back in the combox and tell us how you did! If you beat Fred Butler, you will be put into a draw to win a shiny prize.


[Contributed by Dustin Germain]