Take The Lifeway Quiz! Match The Plot To The Cover, Amish Christian Romance Style!

A few weeks ago the always affable Fred Butler made the following string of comments on Twitter:



He then went on to assert:


and followed up his claim with this little revelation:


Two thoughts ran through my head at that point: “I wonder if that’s true….?” and “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!”

I went to our go-to Christian bookstore to see what I could find. Seeing as how our friends at Lifeway are committed to providing the SBC and the greater Christian Church at large “Biblical resources for life”, would neverever offer us resources with bad theology, and would never promote books that romanticizes and legitimizes the the Amish way of life as a healthy, doctrinal sound, and gospel-centered way of life to be yearned for and considered,  these books were super easy to find and were promoted as a major niche were difficult to locate.

Nontheless, I thought it would be fun to give everyone a quiz to see if they are as perceptive as Fred is, and to see how well they know their, to quote one famous street preacher, “outlets for adultery of the heart for professing Christian Women” By matching the cover to the plot.

You can find the quiz Here.

Once done, come back in the combox and tell us how you did! If you beat Fred Butler, you will be put into a draw to win a shiny prize.


[Contributed by Dustin Germain]



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9 Responses

  1. The Squirrel says:

    I got 80%. I missed the plot of “The Mercy.”

    I’m crushed.

  2. Michael A. Coughlin says:

    That was a funny parody. I scored 40%, whatever that is worth.

    What is worth remembering is that the Amish are a people kept in darkness from birth to death. I travel to Amish Country frequently in Ohio and have never met more biblically illiterate and illiterate people in my life. I still remember a long conversation with a man named Roman who heard the gospel for the first time and he was at least 60 years old.

    Thanks for letting me comment. If anyone is interested, this missionary is a solid brother who is trying to reach these people. Support him in prayer and otherwise if God allows you: http://www.mapministry.org/

  3. I got 20%. As a woman, I’m struggling with my test results. I feel so non-romantic. lol

  4. 60%- Missed the first two. In my defense, I can’t stand romance novels, Christian or secular, Amish or otherwise. Give me Spurgeon, Edwards, Tozer… ah, the old dead guys, a balm to the soul. :0)

  5. volleyballdad says:

    Well unlike Brother Butler, coming it at only 60% I don’t think I rise to X-Men mutant level. I would agree about the employment possibilities for those Amish women depicted. I guess it just proves that reality of Amish life wouldn’t sell too many books. Maybe they ought to be classified as Rumspringa romances?

  6. SLIMJIM says:

    I got 80%; the only one that threw me off was the one “The Mercy…”
    Is it just me but the plots are so generic, similiar, predictable and…well, shallow?

  7. haha. they are awful. your next step is to guess which of the two synopsis that were wrong did I write? :p

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