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LC Tries to Beat Town Talk to the Punch, releases SACS document.

A few hours after JD discussed on today’s program the news that the Town Talk would be releasing the letter from SACS informing LC that they were being placed on probation (and the fact that not even LC Board of Trustees had seen that letter), interim-president (and student-threatener) Argile Smith decied to release the document on the college’s website. This begs the question, what is it like to be a trustee at Louisiana College? Asking – and being refused – to see this document, and then to add insult to injury – you have to read about it on the school website with the rest of the world?

The SACS letter can be found here.


The list of transgressions outlined by SACS sounds like talking points from the Pulpit & Pen.  One by one, each of our concerns was addressed. It’s sad that secular organizations have to call Christians to repent of their corruption.

JD will discuss this on Monday’s program.