Justin Peters Calls Out Bam Bam Bentley, EPIC Moment.

World’s most foremost expert on Word-Faith and Charismania, and fellow Worldview Weekend broadcaster, Justin Peters called out notorious faith-healer, Todd (Bam-Bam) Bentley last night.*


Bam-Bam (who got that nickname from his unique healing style, which includes hitting and kicking people) made the mistake of giving Justin the microphone. That was NOT a smart idea. After Justin gave a “prophetic word” from Matthew 7, Bam-Bam asked who was the “worker of iniquity” Justin was referring to. Justin said, “You are.” They then took the mic and Justin continued to preach until they forced him off stage.

Then, they removed him from the building and called the police on Justin and his associates (after Bam-Bam prayed that God would bless them).

Glory to God that truth might be spoken there.

 [UPDATE 6:12 MST]

I’m releasing tomorrow’s episode of the Pulpit & Pen Program early, with an interview with Justin about this. Listen here.






*Video was filmed by Michael Miller, so thanks 🙂

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38 Responses

  1. Praise God for men such as Justin Peters who will go into the wolf’s lair to speak truth to both, God’s sheep and to workers of iniquity. Truth received is a blessing to the hearer, just as truth rebuffed stands as a judgment against its hearer.

  2. Jerry says:

    Bentley is a rank heretic

  3. JD Hall says:

    One wonders why a man with prophetic gifting didn’t see that coming.

  4. Michael A. Coughlin says:

    Great job, Justin!

  5. Carole says:

    Way to go Justin Peters!!! You are my new hero!!!

  6. Sarah Williams says:

    JD Hall, how would Bentley “see” that coming. He is a false prophet – his prophetic “gifting” is from the devil!

  7. Denise Smith says:

    Todd Bentley’s arrogance and spiritual blindness will not allow him to recognize Truth. I couldn’t help but think, that if he does not repent and find salvation, scenes like this will forever haunt him in hell, realizing, God’s mercy was calling him to repent while there still was time, but he would not +

  8. Manuel says:

    Thank you Justin! You are a godly example to us. Boldly telling the truth is an act of love and obedience to Jesus Christ!

  9. Randy says:

    Calling these men out…..priceless.

  10. cindycurtis says:

    Go Justin! We need more courageous men like you in the true church.

  11. iRoswell says:

    I wish they allowed Justin to continue. They could have heard what a real sermon sounds like! I have handed out Justins videos to numerous people who have fallen prey to the health and wealth gospel. That message really needs to be heard! Everyone, including those who are soundly saved, need to watch those videos!

    Praise God for His mighty men and women of faith!!!

  12. Born4Battle says:

    Reblogged this on The Battle Cry and commented:
    Epic moment indeed!

  13. Michelle says:

    What a “pro” at deception. Notice how he says “don’t hit me with your crutch…” He knew that if he just so much as suggested that, it would make the people who couldn’t see what was taking place think Justin was acting violently. God bless your ministry Justin and friends! God has given you much courage and strength!

  14. paperthinhymn says:

    The minute I read the headline, my heart skipped a beat in joy and anticipation. I actually let out an audible “HA!” in the middle of a meeting…

  15. Jo Jo says:

    What’s interesting, is those in this movement, will NOT allow anyone to say anything against them. Even if they are being respectful, like this Justin guy.Todd should have had conversation with him in front of the audience. Instead, he talked into the microphone, to make sure no one heard a word, and filled the room with “hallelujahs, and God Bless” type comments. If he were a true called man of God, he (Todd) would want to bring those that spoke against (like Justin) him, into the truth. Why can’t those in this movement back up what they say, and have a respectful & meaningful conversation? They won’t. They will shut you off immediately, as is shown here. I’ve been in a Church where a demon possessed woman would slither to the front like a snake and start cursing up a storm to the Pastor — and our Pastor rebuked the demon in the Name of Jesus, and told it to be silent. Then the person whom was possessed was silenced, and just went to sleep on the floor where they were — while he continued on with his sermon …. This happened time & time again, and this person was let into the Church each time, until they were completely delivered, and now is in the ministry as a Pastors wife. So, my point being, if Todd or those in the movement (Bill Johnson, John Crowder, etc) they would want to help those who spoke against them, and show them the truth. This should be a big red flag. They only want to talk to those who are fooled by them– anyone else, gets escorted out. Who wants a teacher like that, that won’t help you? This movement is so sad and not right. PS: John Crowder is worse than Todd Bentley in my eyes!

  16. ChurchSalt says:

    Biblically speaking, the folks pile up for themselves false teachers like this so they hear what they want to hear. Bam-Bam (love the nickname) is just making some cash off the deal. Guys like him are closet atheists. If they truly believed what Scripture said they would never dare to do what they do, not even for money.

  17. Soooo many “Biker” ministries are like this. I was in CMA and two Elders were caught lying about a issue It was reported to headquarters. Headquarters did nothing about it.

  18. Mahal says:

    Did anyone notice the number Bentley asked the people to text? It was 67076 This is no coincidence because 6+7=13 =and that number (13) is consistently used in the Bible to represent sinandrebellion. http://www.biblestudy.org/bibleref/meaning-of-numbers-in-bible/13.html The (not so) curious thing is that the next number 0 represents nothing and then the next two numbers are the reverse of the first two, namely 7+6 which again =13 and which again = sin.and.rebellion. .So sin and rebellion on one side and sin and rebellion on the other side and a big fat zero sandwiched in the middle representing nothing, which I suppose is the amount of money Bentley would like to remain in the pockets of his hearers after they text him. In any case, this reminds me of an equally creepy event when George Bush was with the children at Booker T. Elementary on 9-11 listening to the children read him “MY PET GOAT.” when the Twin Towers were struck. Again not so curiously, the children were chanting ….”kite…plane…must…hit…steel.” right before Andrew Card informed Bush of the second (remote controlled?) plane hitting the steel tower. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEIpb6agqFg No coincidences. May the Lord bless you all with his grace and peace in Christ Jesus in these dark times. Even so come Jesus come.

  19. Brother JD, I can’t thank you enough for bringing this issue forward. I was blessed to see how Peters is so loving in the faith to proclaim Jesus everywhere, even to the face of a sinning wolf in his own den. I blogged about it extensively and linked to your sermon audio and also your blog about it above. I plea for people to pray for pastors and elders, and not to forget the ones who don’t have a congregation but ones like Brother Peters. It is extremely encouraging to see stalwart men of the faith like Peters maintain his humble and loving demeanor. Thanks again for this, JD.

  20. The Lord never made the following type of statement about Peter, John, or Paul……………and I’m certain He never made this claim either…”World’s most foremost expert on Word-Faith and Charismania,” and fellow Worldview Weekend broadcaster, Justin Peters

    Just like the night I spent trying to figure out who was at fault for my friends divorce…husband or wife….after thinking on both of their many imperfections and glaring faults,,,,,,//the Lord finally showed me it twas rooted in both….
    and after originally pinning blame on the husband the Lord told me they both had been hurt and betrayed by the other…

    Similiarly Todd’s wife left Lakeland with the kids giving him an ultimatum to quit the revival……due to her inability to withstand the limelight……………especially attacks and criticism from people like all of you…………………….. everyone who wrote, commented, cheered on this thread and Justin Peters………….I don’t see Jesus, His Spirit or His works anywhere here………But at Lakeland………….it was the end of a work of Jesus…………………….where many were being saved….having relationships restored…permanent healings…..deliverance from drugs…..young girls scars from cutting leaving…and their emotional scars as welll………………..todd was not involved with the nanny until after Shanna left…..again both sides were betrayed.

    Go ahead and jeer me too,….but Jesus isn’t in it………………….this attack here is more a work of iniquity than anything I’ve ever seen…………….

    .Jesus didn’t cast the first stone….so all of you are you really more righteous than Jesus?

    try taking the log out of your own eyes first….or as a famous pastor said….”so glad it’s none of you sitting on the judgement throne..”

    • JD Hall says:

      And we have our first defense of BamBam here… (1) they received direct, dive revelatory insight into friends’ marriage (2) Bentley cheating on his wife was her fault (3) no one is being “healed” on this blog, therefore God isn’t at work here (4) criticizing this obvious wolf is a “work of iniquity.”

      Yep. That seems about right.

  21. well JD casts another stone..proving his own self-righteousness is greater than Jesus’ humble death on the cross..

  22. I accidentally came back here, but maybe some of you will have enough sense to throw your stones down at Jesus’s feet like the Pharissees and Saduccees did…

  23. Marie says:

    Is that a graven image of a jesus above……he’s one good looking guy in opposition to our Scriptures. Seems like the straining out of a gnat instead of a camel. Or is it the other way around!

    Thank-you JD for posting this piece concerning Todd Bentley. I Praise God for the boldness and courage on the part of many born again believers who are not afraid to call out heresy and expose the works of darkness.

    “A double minded man is unstable in all of his ways and the heretics love their own.”

  24. Sarah says:

    Who is the picture of on inside of his upper arm?

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