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We See You: SBC Today Canerizes Comments

[Update: The comment mentioned below, now deleted, can be found here – The Gospell_Adam Harwood_SBC Today_Response]

I discussed Adam Harwood’s post at Synergism Today on Thursday’s program, and so I’ve been vaguely interested in the comments to follow. Harwood (the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary professor, previously Emir Caner’s Truett-McConnell College) is the intellectual head of the harshest anti-Calvinism segment of the Southern Baptist Convention, attacking the Doctrine of Original Sin (as classically understood) at the John 316 Conference and galavanting around with the crazy fringe comprising the Connect 316 board.

Harwood’s diatribe on God’s unfortunate inability to save everyone he wants and Christ’s unsuccessfulness at the Cross was soundly “smacked-down” (forgive the vernacular) by comment number 61 on the thread at Synergism Today. Taking a cue perhaps from Emir’s brother, the director of communications for Truett-McConnell, Norm Miller, has Canerized the entire comment thread. In other words, it’s now gone missing – even though the top of the said article still shows “75 Comments.” You see, that’s the thing about Canerization; it’s never complete and the job is never quite done.ll

Because I absolutely abhor the Canerization process, I thought I’d give you a link to the Google web-cache so you can see the comment thread for yourself.

[Update: Sorry, Google Cache has updated – the comments are now gone with the wind]

Oh, and don’t be surprised if the comments go back up. That would be their attempt to Canerize the Canerization. I know that would seem preposterous, but so would two Caners serving as Southern Baptist college presidents.

[Contributed by JD Hall]