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Pulpit Notes

Monday – Program Summary: “In today’s program, JD discusses some ins and outs of the subject and mode of Biblical baptism. He also gives an update on the Norman, OK abolitonist recently assaulted as the abortive mother in the video called into a radio program to defend the assault and abortion. JD also discusses an open letter from Thom Rainer to the SBC.”

The Lutheran article on “re-baptism” can be found here. JD’s article discussing why Scriptural baptism is not “re-baptism” because a libation ritual perpetrated upon unwilling unbelievers isn’t “baptism” can be found here. Thom Rainer’s open letter to the SBC is here.

Tuesday – Program Summary: In today’s episode, JD talks about a few news issues, including the recent court decision “giving” bloggers the same 1st Amendment rights as other journalists, Peter Lumpkins’ continued fixation on Calvin and Servetus, and an article by Ron Hale about the doctrine of Regeneration. In the Downgrade Segment, JD plays a clip from Pastor Witt about the Sinner’s Prayer and in the main segment, JD plays a sermon he preached this week concerning the Sanctity of Life.

The article concerning the 1st Amendment is here. Senator Feinstein’s assertion that only “reporters” and “actual journalists” should be protected under the 1st Amendment is here. Peter Lumpkins’ bizarre Servetus rant is here. Click here for Ron Hale’s article about the doctrine of regeneration from Synergism Today. You can find Pastor Witt’s defense of the Sinner’s Snare here. And here is the cartoon JD referenced from the Sacred Sandwhich


Wednesday: Program Summary – In this lite program episode, JD plays a message from Paul Washer and provides commentary. You can find the audio here.

Thursday: Program Summary – This was supposed to be a lite episode because JD is traveling to speak at various engagements, but new audio released of Joe Aguillard of Louisiana (Southern Baptist) College threatening and intimidating employees to demand their “loyalty” changed that. JD addresses that issue, discusses youth ministry as related to an article in Charisma Magazine, interviews Ken Fryer – a Louisiana minister – about the Aguillard situation and for the Daily #DOWNGRADE, JD plays the clip between Ed Stetzer and Luis Palau in which Palau claims the Pope is a Christian.