A Plea to Ergun Caner for a Private Conversation

The Caner Project documentary website will be unveiled in a few days. Website professionals are working on the website as we speak. The website will serve as a one-stop-shop for all information related to the Great Evangelical Coverup and the lies of Ergun Caner relating to his fabricated life story in hundreds of different audio and video files and his subsequent lack of repentance and aggressive agenda against those who’ve sought his repentance. Also available in this website and in the forthcoming documentary will be information available concerning those who’ve defended the indefensible and who have been complicit in the cover-up.

Readers will be able to peruse the video and audio of Caner’s lies (told by none other than Caner himself) and the other information related to the coverup and his current persecution and legal harassment of those who have made this evidence available. Readers will also be able to anonymously submit new evidence in audio, video or written form and submit their own testimonies about threats or intimidation they’ve received by Ergun Caner or those working for Ergun Caner. Volunteers will also be recruited to assist in the collaboration process and to help in other areas relating to the forthcoming documentary. Evidence that is already in the public record will be available on the website. New evidence that is submitted will not be available until the documentary is completed.

That being the case, let it be stated that I desire a private conversation with Ergun Caner to discuss his need for repentance and desire, instead, to address these issues with him privately. This is not a Biblical mandate. Paul’s first letter to the young pastor, Timothy, clarifies that sins committed in such a public fashion (for example, lies told dozens upon dozens of times over the course of a decade and to thousands of different individuals in public settings) are to be addressed publicly. And yet, many will ask the question, “Did you try to discuss these things first with him privately?” To be above reproach in this way, I desire a personal meeting with Ergun Caner to discuss these very things.

Although I have tried in many forums and through several different means of correspondence, I have received no reply (and indeed, the same is true for many others). These sins have not been publicly repented of, and it seems that Caner is also unwilling to discuss them privately with those of us to whom he lied. And so, this is plea to Ergun Caner…


As you know, The Caner Project website will be operational in a few days. As soon as the designers are done, the website will begin to receive audio, video and written documentation of your statements asserting the following; that you came to the United States at the age of 17 and not 2, that you were born in Turkey and not in Sweden, that you were raised in Turkey and other majority-Muslim countries and not Ohio, that you were trained in jihad in a Madrassa in Beirut and not raised as a typical American child in America, that you learned English by watching American television and reading Turkish subtitles when in fact you do not speak Turkish or Arabic or any language besides English, that when you accepted Christ at the age of 17 you spoke broken English when in fact it is your only native tongue, that your father was a polygamist when in fact he was not, that your father was a Hadithic scholar when in fact he was an architect, and that all the video and audio evidence of these repeated lies over the course of ten years are fabricate or altered.

Please contact me (my information is fairly public, or you could respond to my previous correspondence). I would like to discuss these things with you in private before the website is made public.


JD Hall

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3 Responses

  1. Of all the scandals American evangelical culture has spawn in the past (and to this Londoner, they appear to be legion), the Caner saga is up there with them. How can so many have colluded to stay silent on such an issue which, as Dr James White has pointed out, is hindering true mission work to Muslims? I’ve been kept fairly up to date from the start of this as a regular listening to Dr White’s podcast and it continues to boggle my (somewhat simple) mind.

    • JD Hall says:

      Kofi, you’re quite right. This scandal is amazing. I’d like those helping to cover-up to consider that the secular media (from Huffington Post, which will probably be the first to jump on it, to major outlets like Drudge, CNN religion blog, Worldnet Daily, Fox News, you name it) running with this is only a matter of time. This will make for a beautiful hit-piece on evangelicalism, particularly in the wrong hands (read it here first, I predict HuffPo will be the first to make this a major matter). This is a race against time, so that we as Southern Baptists and evangelicals prove that we can police our own streets, call ourselves to repentance, and judge ourselves so the world doesn’t have to.

  2. paperthinhymn says:

    I really hope he contacts you, and I think you’re right that the huffpo will probably jump on it first. I would hope that the impending threat of greater exposure will move him to act and confess, like nathan and david, but i’m not holding my breath

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