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Purchase "A Baptist Catechism" Today!

Purchase my book, “A Baptist Catechism” on Amazon, recently released to the general public. Fellowship Church of Sidney has been using Spurgeon’s version of the Baptist Catechism (slightly revised) since 2010 for its corporate teaching and distribution for family devotion. Included is that catechism, along with the London Baptist Confession of Faith, the Baptist Church Covenant and the essay, Modern Day Downgrade that accompanies this sermon (click here) at the 2013 Reformation Montana Conference.

Let this book be your family’s new guide that accompanies the Bible each home devotion! Endorsing this book is Paul Washer and Dr. James White, among others.

All profit from this book (if purchased from Amazon or another retailer) goes to the Reformation Montana missions fund. If you would like to purchase the book for your church or small group, you may purchase it directly from the author (yours truly) at-cost at the Pulpit and Pen Store. Foreign missionaries may receive a complementary copy by emailing me directly at

“Revivalism many be driven by emotion, fanaticism, and every other work of the flesh. But genuine revival and reformation is founded upon and driven by a rediscovery of the great truths of Christianity. Catechisms, such as the one found in these pages, serve to both promote and sustain genuine reformation.”  

Paul Washer

Director of HeartCry Missionary Society and 2012 RefMT Conference Speaker


“Western culture today seeks to cut itself free from burdensome things like truth, consistency, and commitment.  The Baptist Catechism reminds us that there are truths worth living for, and dying for, that give life transcendent meaning and purpose.”

Dr. James White, Director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, host of The Dividing Line and 2013 RefMT Conference Speaker.


“The Bride of Christ needs the book A Baptist Catechism.  Jordan has provided a great benefit and asset to the church by compiling valuable resources that will aid and strengthen both the church and her members.  The essay, “A Modern Day Downgrade,” is revealing and convicting in its content.  This is a book that will not disappoint.”

Ricky Le’Mons

Executive Director of Reformation Montana and pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Billings, MT


[This book] is profoundly fitting in this day and age of spiritual confusion and uncertainty with regard to GOD’s Holy Word. The content of this book can be a helpful aid in bringing clarity to Biblical doctrine with application to your life and others.

Rev. M. Anthony Harper, Ph.D.

Editor, InterMountain Christian News


“Although this catechism is intended for Baptists of all varieties, as a Southern Baptist I find my Convention in the paradoxical position of affirming biblical inerrancy while many of its churches are doctrinally deficient.  To assist the church in extricating herself from this less than God-honoring predicament, I highly recommend Pastor J.D. Hall’s book A Baptist Catechism for Personal and Family Devotion.  Along with an open Bible, it will be a refreshment to your soul and serve as a vehicle to foster restoration in our churches.”

Ken Fryer

2nd Vice President of the Louisiana Baptist Convention, serving at Heritage Baptist Church in Shreveport, Louisiana


“Many Christian fathers have abandoned their God given responsibility to lead their families and teach their children the truths of God, often because their pastors have been derelict in teaching the whole counsel of God.  This does not negate a father’s responsibility before God.  This book, being built upon the solid confessions of faith from the past, gives Christian parents, single or married, the tools necessary to train their children by using easy to follow questions and answers.” 

Tim Killillay

Reformation Montana missionary serving in Peru.