Support Missionary Scott Morgan: Plucking Brands from Andy Stanley’s Fire

This Sunday morning, hundreds, if not thousands, of teenage boys and girls will attend services at a North Point Ministries church. These young people are the next generation of the visible church in America. They are the mothers, fathers, Sunday School teachers, and voters of tomorrow. They are being shaped in their Christian worldviews by one of the most nefarious wolves of our time: Andy Stanley. Stanley, trading off of the respect of his late father’s name, has extended franchises of his brand of secularized church throughout the country. In his home state of Georgia, satellite campuses of North Point bestride wealthy population centers like a Colossus. One the newest North Point satellite campuses is Woodstock City Church in Cherokee County. It is in the shadow of this faithless megachurch that FCA missionary Scott Morgan carries out his ministry.

Morgan routinely shares the gospel with and teaches weekly Bible study to students whose families attend Woodstock City Church. Rarely do these families have a biblical worldview. Morgan has even come into conflict with gay-afffirming parents from Woodstock City Church who do not want students meeting with him for discipleship. Rather than choosing to partner with one of the biggest and most popular churches in his area, Morgan has publicly and vociferously stood against the deception of Andy Stanley and unbiblical brand of church.

Morgan has lost donor money over it…but he has also led and continues to lead young people to get away from Woodstock City Church and attend faithful local churches. I have personally seen Morgan proclaim God’s word to kids in Cherokee county. I have personally witnessed Morgan lead kids to salvation. If you would like to financially support a reformed Baptist missionary who is fighting on the front lines of Andy Stanley’s (and his true father, the devil’s) war for the souls of America’s young people, please consider supporting the work of Scott Morgan with a one-time or recurring donation through his FCA ministry page.

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Seth Dunn

Masters of Divinity in Christian Apologetics, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Member of the Evangelical Theological Society Certified Public Accountant