John Crist’s Popularity Soars 1 Month after being ‘Restored’ for Gross Sexual Sin

Comedian John Crist, once the darling of the evangelical world before his reputation tanked and burst into flames after allegations of sexual misconduct came to light, returned to social media 5 weeks ago in a roaring comeback after spending a short time in time-out being restored for deep-seated sins.

Crist, a popular Christain entertainer known for his comedy routines and hip ethos, had his life and career come to a grinding halt 8 months ago after Charisma News broke the story that many women were alleging some very unsavory things, including harassing and manipulating young women, “sexting” multiple partners at the same time, committing adultery and fornication, and bribing women with tickets to his shows in exchange for sexual favors.

Crist barely copped to the allegations in the Charisma piece, releasing a statement to the magazine where he acknowledged only that “I have treated relationships with women far too casually, in some cases even recklessly.”

That’s a pretty stellar euphemism.

But despite a non-apology apology where he might as well have said “I’m sorry that the women were offended by my actions,” evangelicals have embraced the man like he never left.

He’s uploaded 7 videos to both Youtube and Facebook and has amassed nearly 2 million views on the former. More spectacularly, he’s had another 27,000,000 views on Facebook, garnering 61,000 comments and hundreds of thousands of likes and shares. A quick perusal of his comments show an overwhelming support, with few if any negative comments or questions resolving his non-admittance of guilt for some legitimately predatory behavior.

Other than these few videos he’s posted, he has been otherwise silent. He hasn’t been posting on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. He’s done no interviews that we can see, and has not released further commentary on his actions or his restoration. Given only the slight nod to some vague hint at committing oopsies with a few women and nothing more, we don’t expect him to comment further, but rather continue making new videos, getting his Netflix special back, and thanking his lucky stars Christians care more about being amused than concern for his soul.

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