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California Judge Issues Restraining Order Against Anyone Attending Megachurch

A California judge has declared that anyone who gathers under the church roof of Godspeak Calvary Chapel will be steeply punished, issuing a restraining order against the church and its pastor, Rob McCoy.

The order was granted by a Ventura County judge after the local government sued McCoy and his church for holding in-person services of up to 200 people, which violates Covid-19 shutdown restrictions.

Appearing on the Todd Starnes Show, Liberty Council President Matt Staver, whose firm is closely following the proceedings, explained that this was the first time that there has ever been such an order placed against a church.

The judge issued a restraining order against him, the church, and 1 through 1,000 John Does. He issued the order and said ‘anyone acting in concert with any of these individuals.’

The John Doe orders and the in-concert language means that anybody who dares go into that church building, at any time in the future, until this judge gives his blessing, will be held in contempt of court. There are already penalties and fines of $1,000 a day, and now this contempt that they would hold over you, for going into the building for worship or prayer, would result in you going to jail as well under this court order.

This has never happened before in America.

Last week, Pastor McCoy said that they intended to gather no matter what is thrown at them, or what restrictions are placed on them, saying in the video:

Come to church, and if you’re one of the first thousand, you win a prize. You will get a citation. It will be a misdemeanor. It will go on your record. Be mindful of that.