Poll: 30% of Churches Still Not Gathering For Services

A Lifeway Research poll released on the weekend shows 30% of churches that shut down for COVID-19 are still not gathering for their Sunday morning service 5 months in, and many do not intend to for a while still.

In addition to being open in the first place, which is the first step, all the churches who are being obedient to the scripture by having some sort of service are reporting that they are practicing some form of extra precaution for their congregation members, including sanitizer, masks, extra cleaning and temperature checks.

In addition to the main church service being shut down, 70% of churches say that in-person adult Bible studies have not resumed, and the same with in-person student ministries.

Similarly, 88% of pastors say they have not resumed kid’s ministry activities with the majority of them not knowing when they will resume. Around 10% say they will resume around Nove-Dec or into 2021. Only 1% say they never stopped in-person activities with children.