Word of Faith Huckster Andrew Wommack moves Healing Conference to Livestream after Staff Get Coronavirus

In true charismatic false teacher fashion, Word of Faith Huckster Andrew Wommack announced that he was converting his in-person “Healing is here conference” to a livestream event only after several members of his staff got sick from the coronavirus and unsurprisingly, were not healed by Wommack.

The act of canceling healing services due to sickness, or moving them online as to avoid in-person touch and proximity has been par for the course for the purveyors of this theological poison. We wrote about it back in March when Bethel Church did the same thing, closed their healing houses due to coronavirus.

Wommack acknowledges this disconnect on Facebook, writing in a fabulously ironic and self-contradictory statement:

I know it seems ironic that I’d be canceling a healing conference due to a sickness outbreak. If it was just me, I believe that if I touch someone, they’ll catch my healing instead of me catching their sickness. But since the Covid-19 cases in this community have risen lately, I have to consider the safety and well-being of everyone involved. I know that God wants to heal Covid, just like every other disease, and he can do that no matter where you are!

Two points of observation.

  1. If Wommack believes that if he touches someone they will “catch” his healing, why put off the conference? Just go and heal anyone attending and they’ll pick up what he’s putting down.
  2. If God wants to heal Covid, and can do it no matter where a person is, then this man who claims he has a supernatural healing ministry and has healed tens of thousands from far worse illnesses should have no problem continuing the event in person, as “in person” includes “no matter where you are.”

Healing ministries that suspend services for fear of getting sick should tell everyone all they need to know about the veracity and legitimacy of those ministries.

Wommack also points out that some of his staff and attendees acquired COVID-19 during their last conference. This is true. Wommack threatened to sue the state of Colorado after a cease-and-desist order was sent his way, expressing concerns that his event, the Summer Family Bible Conference, which was held in late June-early July, would spread Coronavirus.

The event proceeded and 34 people were infected with the virus, with 15 employees and staff members testing positive, along with another 15 conference attendees and four others. None of these were instantly healed.