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New ‘Babysitters Club’ TV Series Features 9-Year Old Transgender Boy

Netflix has rebooted “The Baby-Sitters Club” – A TV series and book series from the 90’s that follows the ups and downs of a teen and tween business club for babysitters, but now with an updated, progressive, and woke twist.

Whereas in the original series, about the most intense crisis the babysitters faced was having a believed pet escape the house. In the new 2020 version, you have the babysitters righteously calling out doctors and nurses who keep on misgendering a transgendered ward, played by a real-life transgendered boy named Kai Shappley.

Kai was born a boy named Joseph, but at just “2 or 3 years old” his mother claims that he identified as a girl, and at 5 years old the mom commited a horrific child abuse against her son by insisting he was actually a transgendered “she” and “she” has been wearing dresses and identifying as trans ever since.

The series is rated PG and is aimed at younger children and tweens. It will also feature several gay and lesbian characters, as well as address topics such as racism.

And the ball keeps rolling.