Notorious Anti-LGBT Pastor Steven Anderson Permanently Banned from Youtube

Controversial Arizona pastor Steven Anderson, the firebrand KJV-Onlyist from Faithful word Baptist Church in Tempe, AZ, has been permanently banned from Youtube, having his entire operation shout down from multiple accounts. Not only has he lost years of content, but he reports he is prohibited from accessing, possessing, or creating any other YouTube accounts.

Anderson has acquired somewhat of a cult following over the years, making national headlines by openly praying for President Obama’s death, praising the Pulse Nightclub shooter for killing almost 50 homosexual men and women, and getting tased at a border crossing.

Furthermore, he has the dubious distinction of has been banned from dozens of countries, including every English-speaking developed country. You don’t get to say things like “If I had a button right here on this pulpit, I could just push this button and every fag would just fall over dead. I would push it until it breaks,” without raising a few eyebrows.

Prior to being burninated, Anderson’s youtube pages had uploaded nearly 7000 videos, which were watched by more than 135,000 subscribers, and resulting in over 100 million views.

All of this now has been wiped, banned and blocked.

We reached out to Anderson and he told us some of the story:

All of my YouTube channels were deleted even though they were associated with five different emails. My main channel already had two strikes on it, so a few weeks ago I set everything to private. That way nothing else would be able to get a strike.

I was waiting for one of my strikes to expire on July 13. Then I was going to make everything public again. However, today I got that strike on the Steven Anderson uncensored episode four video, even though it had been private for weeks.

Right before I got my second strike, YouTube also age-restricted five of my videos in one morning, including videos defending the Trinity against oneness heresy, which is bizarre since usually that kind of stuff never gets flagged

Usually the only stuff that gets flagged is the preaching against the sodomites, preaching against feminism, and other things of that nature. First only my main channel was deleted, but then about an hour and a half later, all of my other channels were deleted as well

We asked him whether or not the content was lost forever, and he assured us:

My staff and I will start approximately 10 new YouTube channels in the next couple of days, each using unique phone numbers and email addresses. None of them will contain the words faithful word Baptist church or Steven Anderson in their names, and we will re-upload all the videos to those channels according to topic.

I have most of them backed up, but lots of other people have them backed up as well. People are uploading scores of my videos to YouTube per day and will continue to do so. I also am personally going to be uploading hundreds of videos to YouTube over the next few weeks.

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