With 2020 Announcement, Kanye West Is the Only Christian Running for The Presidency

Rapper, fashion designer, and newbie christian Kanye West has taken us out of the darkest timeline and into the light, making 2020 even crazier by throwing his hat into the political ring and announcing he is running for president, making him the only Christian to do so.

Though West had spoken of running in 2024, he announced his presidential bid last night on Twitter, declaring that we ought to trust God and unify our vision to realize the promise of America.

With announcing so late in the game, the odds of West being even mildly competitive are statistically impossible, due to most states having past their filing period.

Kanye famously announced he was saved, or born again last year, declaring himself to be a Christian believer who had a transformative encounter with Christ. In the 16 months since, he has been exhibiting some fruit of the spirit in a more or less consistent trajectory, with some of that fruit being slightly bent and bruised.

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