Atheists Publish 4th of July Ads Celebrating “Godless Constitution”

Apparently, atheists don’t take a holiday. Well, except for Earth Day.

Uh, and Martin Luther King Day. And Arbor Day. Let’s not forget Juneteenth. And there’s Halloween. But except for those, atheists don’t take a holiday. They work overtime on Christmas, Thanksgiving (who would they thank?), Easter, and apparently Independence Day by mocking Christians for observing days we once put into the category of holy.

Angry at Hobby Lobby for running ads celebrating our national Christian heritage, atheists associated with the Freedom From Religion Foundation have fired back with an Independence Day ad celebrating the “Godless Constitution.”

The full-page ads, which are running in three Oregon newspapers, laud the Constitution for not containing a worship mandate (see below).

The atheists might have better saved their argument for Constitution Day, which is on Thursday, September 17th. Independence Day, on the other hand, is not a holiday to celebrate the U.S. Constitution, but the Declaration of Independence.

The atheists might have trolled themselves on this one.

The Declaration of Independence, signed July 4, 1766, made four references to God. These include (1) a reference to the “laws of nature and of nature’s God” given as the reason for American Independence, the noting that (2) men are endowed by their Creator with rights, that (3) Congress appeals to God for their founders’ intentions, and that (4) founders signed the declaration with hopes for divine providence.

You can read about the Declaration of Independence (it’s basically a sermon) and its references to God here.