Video: St. Louis Mob Violently Attacks and Beats Catholics Attending a Prayer Rally

A peaceful prayer rally turned violent on the weekend when far-left activists mobbed and attacked a small group of men and women, punching them, kicking them, beating them with their own walking sticks, and eventually running them off.

The event was organized by the Gateway Pundit and billed as a prayer rally to “call out to all Catholic and Christian men in the St. Louis, Missouri area to join us in public prayer to save the iconic St. Louis statue in Forest Park. ” which is currently under threat of being removed. Louis IX is the only King of France canonized by the Roman Catholic Church and is revered by St. Louis Catholics.

A counter-protest was quickly planned by several far-left groups such as “Cop Watch St. Louis,” telling supporters it was basically a KKK rally hosted by “White Nationalists” and “Trump Supporters” and tied the event to the alt-right rally in Charlottesville, smearing the event and serving as a rallying cry for violence.

Umar Lee, the organizer of a petition to get the statue removed and the one sharing BLM propaganda said:

We don’t need for our children and our citizens to leave the art museum and be assaulted by the statue of King Louis IX… this man represented hate and we’re trying to move in the spirit of black lives matter,

Several dozen Catholics started off the event with a recitation of the Rosary as several hundred counter-proters looked on, some peaceful, but others screaming, shouting and blowing airhorns to drown them out. Eventually, the police came and formed a wall of separation between the praying Catholics and the screaming counter-protesters.

As the event wound down and came to a close, some of the people attending the event were set upon.


This is the future of religious events in America.