Bill Johnson’s New Moneymaker: Bethel Launches Accredited Music College

Bethel Music has launched Bethel Music College, “an online school designed to equip worship leaders, songwriters and musicians with the technical skills and biblical foundations needed to become excellent leaders in worship ministry. “

Featuring classes taught by the Bethel Music Collective, Hillsong, Elevation Worship, and Jesus Culture, unlike the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, this course will be accredited. Bethel Music College has partnered with William Jessup University, a private Christian university in Rocklin, California that boasts 1700 students, to bring more legitimacy to the institution.

The college promises:

 Complete your online certificate in less than 9 months

* Direct mentoring from the Bethel Music Collective and guests

* For eligible students, Financial Aid is available via our program association with William Jessup University

* 30 college credits applicable towards a Bachelor’s from William Jessup University 

The cost of the 9-month program is $10,500. The College further advertises:

This certificate is earned by you completely online, without having to leave your home. Not only will you learn from the best, like Hillsong Worship, Chris Tomlin, Elevation Worship, and many others, but you will also receive mentoring from our Bethel Music Collective and guests. Along with this, you’ll get exclusive offers to Bethel Music Events and merchandise as part of your student experience.

Along with classes on songwriting, worship ministry leadership, and introduction to music and business, the college will also offer classes on biblical foundations, purportedly taught by the soundest exegete and most faithful scriptural expositor of our times, Bill Johnson.