“Prophetess” Kat Kerr Assigns 100 million Angels to Protect the Republican National Convention

Katt Katt, who is previously known for declaring Hurricane Irma illegal and teaching that Christian can control the weather (see below) has announced in typical charismatic fashioned, that she’s assigned 100 million angels to protect the RNC. In a video posted to Her Facebook page she says

We’re going to train you during the Republican National Convention how to command strategically the army assigned to you, when to send them, and what to declare for them to do during this convention. They’ll be no violence involved, we don’t want any violence, any interference, not in any area of society, or in the natural whatsoever, that will hold up delay, or interfere with, or cause any kind of violence during the Republican National Convention.

I’ve already assigned 100 million angels to start. They’ve been posted in certain areas in our city and around our city, but I still need you- those who already command their armies of heaven- we’re strategically going to do this together, and it will be the same powerful effect, that when we as weather warriors, those of you who are one of the weather warriors, you’re a weather warrior, I want to applaud you for taking your authority that we’ve so messed up the minds of meteorologists, that every storm that has been sent, and the enemy tried to get into, in this tropical destruction…

Lest anyone think this sort of…bold declarations…is unusual and atypical of charismatic belief, they’re not. If Dr. Michael Brown saw this, he’d be all over in affirmation and giving her cover for her prophetic gifts.

Kerr also encourages anyone listening to wield their own armies of millions of angels and join up with her in this battle.