Cowardly Megachurch Pastor Apologizes for Criticising Black Lives Matter Organization

For a few days, Davis Ashcroft, Senior Pastor at Lives Changed by Christ Church (LCBC), gave the impression of having some integrity and courage when the leader of 12th largest church in the United States called out the Black Lives Matter Organization as an organization filled with intolerance, hate, and violence.

Unfortunately, he quickly buckled to the pressures and rescinded his words, proving himself to be spinally-challenged and unfit to lead.

During a June 14th sermon, Ashcroft referenced the protests that were raging across the country. He was careful to delineate between the two concepts of “black lives matter” saying “Matter is the minimum. Black lives are worthy. Black lives belong. Black lives are needed.”

After making the distinction between the call to love and care for our black brothers and sisters because their lives matter, he contrasted that to the actual organization itself, denoting the difference between using the slogan “Black lives matter” and subscribing to the beliefs of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

“Saying ‘Black lives matter’ is simply saying what God himself says. The other is an organization that is filled with hate and violence and intolerance. It’s unacceptable, so be careful, and don’t confuse them as being the same.”

While that is perfectly true and accurate, after the 17,000 member church received around 20 complaints, (what percentage is that even anyway?) Ashcroft caved under the pressure and apologized for his remarks and his criticism of the Black Lives Matter Organization, saying:

Last week, I made a statement that was inflammatory. I went too far. I was wrong for making it.

When it comes to racial reconciliation and justice, I don’t claim to have this whole thing figured out, far from it. Instead, you are watching me try to figure it out and live it out in real time. “

As a result of the pastor walking back basic facts, the Church has removed the video of the sermon from the Church website.