Kenneth Copeland, Who Canceled His Faith-Healing Service for COVID, Says He Can’t Get COVID Because of Faith

Do you remember when Kenneth Copeland was a part of a giant gathering of faith-healers who canceled the conference because they were afraid of getting COVID-19? Apparently neither does he, because in the latest video from the faith-healer, he claims to have up a spiritual shield against Kung Flu and can’t get sick.

Copeland said, “But when you stand in faith and say, no, I don’t mind telling you, I will never have COVID-19, I will never have any other kind of sickness and disease because, thank God forevermore, He bore my sins in His own body on the tree… Glory to God. I’m not healed now! I was healed then!… And grace is giving it to me now! I’m not the sick trying to get healed. I’m the healed and the devil’s trying to give me the flu.”

Well, I don’t take it! I have my shield up, thank you very much. Glory to God. Lord. You couldn’t give me that flu if you tried.

Watch below.

This isn’t the first time the Copelands have made such claims. They claimed in 2018 to be immune to the regular flu (she said Jesus gives them a flu shot). They later apologized after it was explained to them that there followers could genuinely get sick for not taking precautions.

It was also pointed out that their church – led by faith-healers and full of charismatics who believe such antics – has a full-time medical staff and health clinic who treat the illnesses of their staff and church members. Kenneth Copeland Ministries also offers a regular health insurance plan to employees in case they get sick.

[Publisher’s Note: HT those godless atheists]