Franklin Graham Credits Trump for Appointing 200th Conservative Judge

Franklin Graham took to social media to mark a milestone in American politics; the fact that President Trump, whom Graham has been active and vocal in cheerleading, is just days away from appointing his 200th judge.

In his post, Graham acknowledges his decision to vote for Trump wasn’t about the President’s “previous lifestyle” but was a calculation based on the impact on the judicial branch of the government with the question of “who do you trust to appoint conservative judges to the courts?” being the primary driving force.

Graham figures he gambled correctly. He links to an article on NBC, which points out that “Trump is about to land his 200th judge, a lasting legacy poised to reshape U.S. law” and “most of his nominees are likely to remain on the bench for decades to come — with an impact, noted one conservative, that “will last generations.”

These are judges who are generally young, some in their early 30’s, and are rigidly conservative in their ideology. Their names for nomination are put forth by the Federalist Society; a network of conservative activists and lawyers.

Graham praises Trump for appointing judges at a blistering pace, pointing out that “That’s more than any president in the last four decades during the same time frame. ”

While it is true that President Trump has been appointing Judges at a record pace, filling vacancies every week now, not all those appointments have been smashing successes, with the recent supreme court ruling being supported by one of his nominees being the biggest blight and disappointment. Still, as Sahil Kapur points out in the NBC article

“In total, Trump has appointed more than one-fifth of the entire judiciary, which may exceed one-fourth this year. While his Supreme Court picks, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, have solidified a slim 5-4 conservative majority, his impact on federal circuit courts has been enormous. He has flipped the majority for Republicans on three circuits, which have the last word on a vast majority of federal cases.”