Chuck Pierce Burns Counterfeit $20 on Stage to Rebuke the ‘Sneaky Quid Spirit’ that Lead to George Floyd Death

We thought our recent post Queer ELCA Pastrix Ordained With Drag Queen Nuns While Jennifer Knapp Serenades was the strangest sequence words we’ve ever strung together, but as the aforementioned title suggests, we think we have it beat.

Charismatic rockstar and arch-heretic Chuck Pierce, back from his trip to the US/Mexico border where he took a tuning fork to “retune the earth”, is a blessed man. He’s man who should thank his lucky stars he was not born 3000-year ago, lest he be chased through the desert by roving Benjamites, cornered and stoned for his bevy of false prophecies and fake ‘words from the Lord’ he routinely utters.

In this clip, from last Sunday, Pierce asked God to “reveal the power behind the counterfeit $20 bill that created this major crisis across America” and then publicly burned a fake $20 bill, in doing so releasing “the spirit of the counterfeit” that lied therein.

In the video, Chuck Pierce has two people on stage torch a fake twenty that had been earlier acquired, decreeing that “God will always bring the truth out,” saying they were going to “set fire to the counterfeit across this land,” and then shouting at them to “stomp on it” to wild cheering of the crowd. In doing so, they have apparently not released the “sneaky squid spirit” but rather the “sneaky quid spirit”.

If this ‘spirit of the counterfeit’ needs a new host to inhabit after its untimely casting out, it doesn’t need to fly into a bunch of swine or travel far, but rather will surely find itself with an embarrassment of riches.

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