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Evangelical Soy Boys Jump In to Defend Angry Female Teachers


Discernment ministries have been warning about Aimee Byrd for several years. Imbedding herself in an ordinarily reputable ministry, Mortification of Spin, she swore (and still swears) she’s website-orthodox. Like so many Woke Religionists who have invaded evangelical organizations, she had to be smoked out.

And now, taking a cue from Woke Religionists who practice the victimizing of Identity Politics as a means to gain sympathy and therefore power, Byrd is crying fowl foul and dog-whistling to the soy-mustached latte-sippers who would come running if their jeans weren’t so skinny.


We wrote an article explaining why PNP News was removing Aimee Byrd from recommended resources in August of 2018. I did two podcast episodes about that time, warning discerning Christians that Byrd was making a hard-left turn. Douglas Wilson also warned his readers that month.

Other lesser-known discernment ministries warned repeatedly that Byrd was transitioning in her theology, particularly in regards to gender roles.

We said at the time…

However, we believe that Byrd’s notions of intimate relationships between non-married, opposite-sex adults is a recipe for adultery and believe the book is toxic to the sanctity of marriage and holiness of the church.

Although it takes several years – as it usually does – some eventually caught on. In truth, Byrd’s books, writings, and podcast appearances were leaving those with an orthodox grasp of gender relations little choice but to distance themselves from the increasingly aggressive feminist.

We also explained last week how this brouhaha developed. In that article, we detailed how Byrd was ‘dumped from her gig’ at Carl Trueman’s organization, Mortification of Spin, ostensibly for going on a program belonging to a rank heretic, Scot McKnight. In reality, it was probably Byrd’s ongoing drift to the left that did her in, and chatting it up with McKnight like long-lost friends was just the proverbial camel’s back-straw.

Her latest book, Recovering from Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, is little more than Rachel Held Evans’ theology, repackaged with occasional references to Presbyterianism and Byrd’s repeated insistence her ideas aren’t that leftward. This followed up on her book, “Why Can’t We Be Friends? Avoidance Is Not Purity,” in which she castigated “the Billy Graham Rule” as archaic and sexist.

Reformation 21 posted “Questions for Aimee” asking exactly where she stood on gender roles and she refused to answer, just pointing back to her website orthodoxy (this is when someone references their Confession of Faith or belief statement on their website as a defense for themselves, often without seriously or demonstrably holding to it in any meaningful way). She was then bid ‘farewell’ and promptly complained on Scot McKnight’s sub-blog on Christianity Today, which to any reasonable person would have vindicated the decision of her keepers to cut her loose.

But, there are a whole lot of unreasonable people running the Evangelical Intelligentsia.


Woke Religionists thrive on victimization, and the math of Intersectionality says that more victim-identity classes someone belongs to, the better and more amplified their voice ought to be. To Byrd’s great regret, she was born a privileged white woman, which hardly earns a Woke Religionist merit badge. Byrd figured out a way to add an identity class to her woke resume’, which was by publishing derogatory statements made about her in a closed Facebook Group by complementarians (those who believe men and women are equal but are equipped by God differently).

Wala. Presto. She is now a woman and the victim of misogyny.

And that’s how promotion works in the Religion of Wokeness.

A closed Facebook group called Geneva Commons, a place for Presbyterians to discuss Presbyterian things, had posts critical of Byrd and her born-again wokeness. As is prone to happen on Facebook (so I’ve heard), some commenters said things that weren’t nice. Screenshots were taken and now there’s a whole new Diet of Worms going on over there in Presby-land about negative things said about that darling snowflake princess.

Cue the outrage.

Somebody even suggested women take their shoes off and make sandwiches.

Hilarious, I think. But lefties don’t have a sense of humor, so they stamped their feet and held pouting contests. Obviously no one was serious about it, because as everyone knows, feminists make awful sandwiches.

Another person suggested that if her husband loved her more he would tell her to shut up, a sentiment I agree with 100%. But then again, I’m a Baptist who doesn’t have to face denominational war crimes tribunals for saying what everyone else is thinking.


As predicted, when strong and independent (read that: loud and rebellious) women bark like alpha dogs, the beta dogs come to see what’s the matter. That’s where Ed Stetzer, a genuinely awful garbage human, comes in along with Trevin Wax. And I’m not saying Wax isn’t a heterosexual, but he’s a very soft-handed heterosexual. As in, he probably smells of aloe and Jonathan Meritt is his favorite journalist.

So anyway, these guys who have put in a collective time of 3.2 hours of physical labor in their entire lives and probably relieve themselves sitting down rushed to social media to defend Byrd and scold those mean old complementarians for being less-than-chivalrous.

Christianity Today, the de facto magazine of Woke Religionists (they aren’t Christian by any stretch of the imagination) ran an article about their obscene virtue-twerking. Except, instead of calling it something accurate like “Obscene Virtue Twerking” they entitled their tweet “Ed Stetzer Calls Out Misogyny in the Church” and he entitled his article, “Complementarians Behind Closed Doors.”

The article can be summarized as, “Without saying where I stand on the issue (because Jello cannot be nailed to the wall according to the laws of physics), we better let this forked-tongue Jezebel get away with doctrinal murder without saying a single contrary thing.”

In the meantime, we’ll all go on pretending that people in every dusty corner of the social media don’t say negative things and that ecclesiastical movements are 100% responsible for what every person says on a Facebook thread.

Beth Moore then chimed in (of course), because her testosterone is easily twice that of Stetzer and Wax combined.


How much chivalry are we supposed to show to these heifers who use the positions given them (by men) to attack Biblical gender roles? I guess I answered my own question there.

The Bible calls these women cows.

Hear this word, ye cows of Bashan, that are in the mountain of Samaria, which oppress the poor, which crush the needy, which say to their husbands, Bring, and let us drink (Amos 4:1-3).

Domineering, spoiled women who rule over their husbands are called cows…by God.

Woke Religionists play by the rules of patriarchal chivalry (protect women at all cost) while denying patriarchal theology. We’re supposed to let these hairy-pitted feminazis go around leaving their scent on everything, marking their territory in an “anything a man can do, I can do better” worldview, all-the-while letting them signal an army of beta males to defend them as pearl-clutching debutants passing out on their fainting couches.

In regard to being able to take Facebook negativity in stride, I’m tempted to say, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” But I suspect feminists don’t like that expression.