Downgrade! LCMS Lutherans Marching and Quoting Black Liberation Theologist James Cone

The downgrade continues in the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, the second-largest Lutheran denomination and one of the more conservative ones, as several LCMS pastors marched in the Faith March For Justice in Manhattan while holding Black Lives Matter signs and allegedly quoting Black Liberation Theology founder and super-racist heretic James Cone.

What is especially interesting is the presence of Concordia college president Dr. John Nunes and the mention of the 1517, which is a group with a conservative bent within the LCMS that creates and distributes theological and apologetic resources within the LCMS. For those unfamiliar with Lutheran inner workings, an appropriate parallel would be like saying members of Founders were out there quoting Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw (she developed the theory of intersectionality) and Karl Marx and in a positive way. Not good.

Not good at all.

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