Audio: SBC Professor says ‘Whiteness’ and ‘Maleness’ Limit Bible Interpretation

Last week I received an email and a phone call from a former student at Southwestern Theological Seminary (SWBTS). That particular student has left the school, citing a liberal atmosphere as his reason for leaving. He relayed to me accounts of multiple troubling incidents. The most troubling example was that of Dr. Jeffrey Bingham’s Fall 2019 Systematic Theology class. Bingham is the current Dean of the School of Theology and the former Interim President of SWBTS. During a lecture presented during the 2nd week of the course, Bingham taught his students that white, male Americans were unable to properly and objectively interpret the Bible without insight from people of different nationalities, races, and gender.

Audio from Bingham’s lecuture and my analysis are provided below:

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*Before publication, I emailed Dr. Bingham for comment. After a week, I have not received a response.

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